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There’s been another development (sorry) with the hair dying situation. I’ve discovered the colour rubs off on my pillow, my clothes, my parents sofa (that was a fun day) and even my hands!


After 10 days I beer bribed asked my boyfriend to colour the parts of my hair that had faded. He did an excellent job as well! Now 4 days and 1 rinse with cold water since then (big mistake) my hair looks insane or like one of those expensive dip-dyes celebs get – depending on your perspective.

Accidental dip-dye

I’ve over heard comments ranging from “Wow, that girls hair is awesome!” to “Shanika I think you should have that hair style – ahaahaa!” Followed by a swift “F*cl< off!” from Shanika. My mates love it but then they are quite alternative and open-minde so no suprise there. I really quite like it to be honest and I’ve never given a damn what other people think – I keep telling myself that anyway.

I think you can prob tell from my exasperated and haggard expression that I’m gutted at just how temporary and uneven the colour is.  After all the expense, people’s time/effort and constant cleaning of things that are now frackin’ purple (including my key-board since I’ve been typing this) it’s not worth it. If you have thin/medium or short hair and want a very temporary blast of colour, then Manic Panic is the dye for you – just remember not to wear any light coloured clothes – or go out in the rain….

2 responses to “Accidental dip-dye”

  1. Avatar

    i now its an old post but ive been dyeing hair funky shades for a long time now,usually with Directions dye. The reds and especially the purple dyed my whole house pillows hands etc.
    Anyhoo i used a dye called Adore has loads more shades than the other brands some lovely reds, some more natural ones too. If you look on my instagram moonfairyk9 ive got some pics of when i used Purple Rage. There was no purple rub off even when i washed hardly any,it faded ok too.
    I got it online from Beeunique but they sell it in an afro carribean hair shop on oxford rd in manc,can’t think of shop name. Be warned though the Aquamarine is almost permanent its still going strong after over 4mths, ive found pinks and turquoise shades hardest to get out,trying to fade it to redye purple. Sorry very long winded reply 🙂


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Thank you so much this is really helpful for when I next need a purple or blue. I was recommended Directions so it’s great you gave me your honest opinion so I don’t dye my whole house again! My hairdresser sorts me out with reds thankfully.


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