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I regularly browse Beauty Without The Beasts and they recomended The Buddha Beauty Company. Buddha Beauty sells hand-made products which are free from parabens and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate a harsh chemical detergent) and contain 100% organic esential oils. The brand is BUAV approved and has been shortlisted by the 2013 Free From Skin Care Awards for the Hand and Body ‘Take off’ award. They are also a winner of the 2011 Vegan Non-Food Retailer of the Year award. They arebased in my home town of Manchester so I decided to speak to the founder (and the companies  lotion and poton maker) Llewelyn Thomas.


Your products are mainly available online. Did having an online presence help to establish the brand?

“Not really, our brand awareness has come more from face to face interactions at various events; I do think that in the long term, once we have established a greater brand presence, our online presence will come into its own and do its job.”

Why take a far Eastern holistic approach to skin care?

“For the last 15 year I was employed by an airline as cabin crew and about 7 years ago, as a side line, I began my training in Holistic Therapy. The advantage of being cabin crew was that I had the opportunity to experience therapies and products in many different countries around the world and from these experiences I found that the Far Eastern rituals and products always exceeded my expectations. The fragrances were rich, exotic and completely enveloped the sense, I easily fell in love with all that the Far East has to offer and so my journey began.”

Are the aromatherapy aspects of these oils important in the effectiveness of your products as well?

“Each particular product is effective in its own rights, but I carefully choose the oil blends for there properties and benefits. I feel the consumer is much more aware of what they use these days and with this in mind I prefer to blend using aromatherapy oils instead of fragrance. ( I do have a survey on my Facebook page asking for feed back on the use of natural fragrance oils, essential oils and mane made fragrance oils).”

I’ll be sure to fill that in for you then.  Do you have any particular skin care regimes or beautifying tips you could share with me?

“I always feel that the simple things are the most effective, I know you will have heard this before but drink plenty of water, enjoy a good nights sleep and spend a little time to really read the label. Since my journey began I have only used my own products and have become a much more conscious shopper.”

Believe me, sleeping in is not a problem for me! Where do you hope to see the company going in the future – any plans for a make-up range?

“As the company grows we will be definatly going into make up thats for sure, and by the end of the year we will be offering facial oils, soaps, bath oils and more. We are always open to ideas and specific items if a customer writes to us asking for a product then we do try to make these.”


I decide my beauty routine is in need of an over-hall and I’m really excited about trying kinder more natural products on my sensitive (very high maintenance) skin.

All products

Organic Facial Cleanser with Grapefruit, Lavender & Frakincense

Facial Cleanser

The bottle has a pump which is handy and much better than getting a massive dollop in your hand and trying to put most of it back in. It has an amazing scent (my old cleanser did a great job but left my skin smelling of seaweed all day – urgh!) it isn’t too over powering though. The texture is rich and creamy rather than oily and a small amount removed the days makeup. It left my skin feeling moisturised without feeling greasy. I love this product!

Rating 5/5

Orange Water Toner

Natural Facial Toner

I’m very wary of toner as most contain alcohol which can be really drying (even the ones for sensitive skin) and make my skin bright red. I used the toner to wake my skin up in the morning and for the first time ever, I didn’t even need any moisturiser afterwards. The next day I’d had a makeup free day so I skipped the cleanser in the evening and just quickly used a bit of toner to remove any grease and remains of pollution before bed. I skipped my usual night cream (as I’d run out to be honest). I woke up in the morning expecting the usual combination-skin-blotchy-freak-out and my skin looked a little calmer and was completely balanced – surprising result!

Rating 5/5

Natural Body Scrub with Lemongrass & Bergamot

Natural Body Scrub

I give this a really good stir before I use it as the oil sinks to the bottom. The sea salt is an amazing exfoliant and because of the added oil it isn’t too harsh and very nuriting. The crystals do escape easily though so you have to keep scooping them together again. Again I don’t even need any moisturiser as it keeps my skin feeling super moisturized all day! The scent stays with you for hours so if you are planning on wearing perfume I’d get the fragrance free version.

Rating 3/5

Organic Body Lotion with Grapefruit, Lavendar & Frankincense

Organic Body Lotion

I use a bit of body lotion if my skin is feeling irritated from central heating or sun exposure rather to calm it .  This lotion is moisturising rather than greasy and sinks in quickly. I decide to use this after shaving my legs and before I apply fake tan (yes, I know that’s not very natural but I do use one as chemically free as possible). The heavenly scent does a good job of disguising that weird biscuity smell fake tan has and I get complimented on my new ‘perfume’ a few times – bonus!

Rating 5/5

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