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58 Mosley Street (front located on Booth Street), Manchester, M2 3HZ

Vegan options (VO) and Gluten-free options (GFO) available. Lunch and evening A La Carte menus. Substantial wine, beer and classic cocktail menu. Live jazz evenings last Thursday of every month from 19:00.

My partner and I had walked up Mosley Street a few times and never come across it even though we were keeping an eye out for it. In the end we had to ask our waitress in the Chorlton 1847 exactly where it was. The entrance and glass front is actually set back on Booth Street. I decided “To hell with it, I’m going to have a cheat day” so I had free reign with the exciting menu.

Starter: Jalapeno cheddar cakes with soured cream dip and chive oil

These were so delicious I barley stopped to breath while eating them! They were were crunchy on the outside and gooey in the centre. The soured cream was a refreshing contrast. The addition of jalapeno created a slight heat and fantastic flavour.

Main: Battered halloumi with hand cut chips, homemade tartar sauce, pea puree, shoots and lemon vinaigrette.

The lemon vinaigrette really complimented the battered halloumi cheese. The chunky chips arrived in a miniature metal frying basket (a micro-trend at 1847 I’m starting to realise) and had the skins left on the edges. They tasted great dipped into the almost sweet pea puree. The dish was really filling and satisfying.


Desert: Vegan chocolate tart with pouring cream

Wow! The chocolate was the perfect consistency and tasted sweet but not at all sickly and the pastry crust tasted so buttery. I wouldn’t have had a clue any part of this desert was vegan it was so rich. The berries really added a refreshing zing to the chocolate as well. If my partner and I hadn’t have been full already we would have ordered another portion to share!


6 responses to “Vegetarian Review: 1847 Bistro – Central Manchester”

  1. 1847 Vegetarian Restaurant | Vamp It Up Manchester Avatar

    […] reviewed 1847 Vegetairan Restaurant twice before, first in 2013 and second in 2015 but it’s such a great restaurant I think it’s worth a mention every […]


  2. barabrith Avatar

    If I ever get to Machester, this sounds like the place for me! Vegan-friendly is good, though i reckon I could handle the halloumi.


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Haha everyone who shouldn’t eat dairy for health reasons etc always caves in when they get to the halloumi!


    2. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Everyone who shouldn’t eat dairy always caves in when they get to the halloumi!


      1. barabrith Avatar

        I once said to vege friends, “how do you get your tofu to taste so like cheese? It’s amazing”
        “It’s halloumi” they replied.


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