Fletcher Moss Gardens in Spring

I’ve been visiting this park with my partner to enjoy the changing seasons for about 4 years.


The park is a landscaped rockery including large trees, flowers and shrubs. It was laid out by the botanist Robert Wood Williamson and is South facing. Williamson sold the gardens and rockery along with his house, called The Croft, to Alderman Fletcher Moss, in 1912.  Moss donated the park to the city of Manchester in 1919. Nowadays the park is part botanical garden, part woodland and also offers recreational facilities such as tennis courts, and a quaint cafe.

There are paths and stone steps going up two levels at various different points so everywhere you turn you get another beautiful view over looking the gardens and pond.







As I was walking out of the gardens up the main steps, I noticed a haze of beautiful colours to my right and discovered a small heather garden.




2 thoughts on “Fletcher Moss Gardens in Spring

    • Thank you. I took so many shots to try and do it justice but still felt I didn’t have a wide enough lens. My partner B took me here for the first time when we started dating and I thought “Yeah, this bloke is definitely all right.” :0)


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