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Seeing as it’s National Vegetarian Week I thought I’d list my favourite vegetarian places to eat in Manchester. The kind that I really look forward to visiting and recommend to anyone who will listen! I’d love to hear your comments on which places you think are the best as well.

Best All-Rounder

Bistro 1847

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An independant restaurant in the centre of town on the corner of Mosley Street and Booth Street. Medium-high price range but the service and food is always excellent! The decor is warm and contemporary and there is always a nice relaxed atmosphere. Menus are seasonal and the ingredients are locally sourced. Dishes consist of modern twists on traditional favourites like bubble and squeak and fish and chips as well as entirely new creations. I always appreciate when restaurants have accommodating opening times and 1847 is open for brunch and Sunday dinner. Something I find a bit random but innovative are the live jazz nights on the last Thursday of the month, which I’m guessing keep the hipsters happy!

Best Restaurant for a Special Occasion



Green’s in Didsbury is rather famous due to it’s celebrity Head Chef Simon Rimmer It’s because of this reason that I prefer to visit mid-week when it’s a little quieter and the service is better and there is more room to breath. I find it’s a great place to treat any visiting friends from out of town or if I fancy going out somewhere other than the town centre for a change. As you would expect the price range is fairly high but portions are a decent size and the food is always delicious!

Best Veggie-Friendly Place

This & That

Photo credit: tripadvisor
Photo credit: tripadvisor

Located down tiny Soap Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter this cafe is really easy to miss. The fact it’s always packed with office workers and a varied mixture of other people every lunch time, is a testament to the quality of the food. It’s pretty much the last of the once popular ‘rice and three’ places (plate of rice with three curry’s of your choice veg or meat based for a set place) left in Manchester. It’s the perfect place to pop-in for a large plate of hot, well-cooked tasty food for the purse friendly price of around £3.50. You can order extra’s like naan bread and samosa’s and add as much fresh chilli or coriander for your taste.

Best Eat-In Deli


Anand's Deli

I absolutely adore this place! Here’s why: It’s so affordable which is surprising because everything is home cooked and tastes fantastic. The deli is owned and run by a really friendly Indian couple who will patiently explain what all of the wonderful snacks are and wether they include wheat or dairy but most things are vegan. You have the option of filling a box with a various delights and paying by weight (you don’t even have to worry if they run out as they will cook more while you wait!) or you can sit down for a proper hot meal. A lot of businesses on the ‘curry-mile’ have gone under lately in the economic crisis but Anand’s is still doing well, which I and a lot of other Mancs are very glad about!


7 responses to “Best places for veggie meals in Manchester”

  1. Sarah Bailey Avatar

    Oh yum this looks like it is a lovely little deli! I know where I am going if I make it to Manchester 🙂 #pastandpresent #thankyouforlinkingup


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      It’s a great idea for a linky. I feel that peoples posts go by so quick with some bloggers posting everyday nowadays & people don’t always get a chance to see them.


  2. Tina Holmes Avatar
    Tina Holmes

    Ooooooo these look amazing, like the look of the Anands eat in deli. #pastandpresent


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Eat in deli’s are becoming my thing at the moment. I find it too dear to do my regular shopping in them but for a freshly made lunch they’re the best.


  3. Jo Bryan Avatar

    I love Vegetarian places and Indian too,despite being an omnivore too. This sounds lovely and prices appeal too. wish I was nearer to my family’s hometown. #pastandpresent


  4. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Avatar

    I will be sure to check out one or more of these restaurants the next time I’m in Manchester. I am generally a meat eater, however there are some extremely tasty vegetarian dishes and I’d like to try more vegetarian options.


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Great! Most of my omnivorous mates are more than happy to go to these veggie places when we go out for a meal as the food is so good.


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