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Lylia Rose has the best jewellery – owl show you!

I’ve always loved owl jewellery as it’s so cute and timeless plus I’ve never found an outfit it doesn’t go with. I recently discovered the Lylia Rose online boutique and was delighted when my search clue ‘owl’ brought up an entire page of jewellery!

Here are my favourites

Bright Perching Owl Necklace
Bright Perching Owl Necklace £4.00
With a nod to this Summer’s trend for super bright colours this is beautifully striking and evokes a 1920’s feel.
Turquoise owl necklace
Turquoise owl necklace £6.50

I would wear this as a classic statement piece when going out for the evening. With the turquoise and gold colour combination and intricate detailing this could easily be a find from an Egyptian bazaar. I’m going to buy one so my Mum and me can share custody of the little fella.

Silver Tone Owl Ring £3.00
Silver Tone Owl Ring £3.00

I wear masses of large silver rings on my fingers , most of which have tarnished or marcasite quality. So wether I’m in a rocker or a hippy style mood I reckon this would be perfect!

Green bellied Owl Earrings £4.00
Green bellied Owl Earrings £4.00

Basically, awwww!

For more beautiful and affordable jewellery, broaches, hair ornaments and bags visit Lylia Rose


2 responses to “Lylia Rose has the best jewellery – owl show you!”

  1. alisasibrova Avatar

    These are so amazing and unique, and price makes me smile. If to be honest it is better then just a good deal!
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      I love sharing things that don’t have massive mark-up’s on the price, especially when they are so gorgeous!


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