Summer Brights (with nail tattoos & home made polish)

My favorite thing about Summer beauty – apart my skin having a natural tan for once – is all of the bright nail colors. It’s such a cheerful and carefree look . So, in this spirit I decided to give nail tattoos a try and make my mani even more fun!

Nail Tattoos by Nail Art

Nail Tattoos by Nail Art

These are pretty easy to apply, I didn’t even need to use tweezers. I had to be very careful when peeling them off the backing with the more delicate designs so they didn’t snap. The glue on these is so strong I had to make sure I got the placement right first time. I went over them with a top coat of clear varnish to really seal them to the nail.

Stars: Barry M Nail Paint in Yellow

Stars using Barry M Nail Paint in Yellow

Bows using Orly Nail Laquer in Hot Shot

Bows using Orly Nail Laquer in Hot Shot

Nautical using my own mixture called Sparkling Sea

Nautical using my own mixture called Sparkling Sea

How to quickly make your own polish:

  1. Start with a bottle clear top coat that is already around a third used up. Lay out some newspaper as this is about to get messy!
  2. With a pair of tweezers mash up a small powder eye shadow into a fine powder. I mixed blue and little bit of pale gold together.
  3. Create a narrow funnel with a piece of paper, making the end the same width as the top of your bottle.
  4. Carefully shovel about a quarter of the eye shadow into the funnel. Keep giving the funnel a gentle tap so the eyeshadow doesn’t back up.
  5. Screw the lid on firmly and quickly rub the bottle between your palms to blend it all together . Be patient and don’t shake it as this will create air bubbles.
  6. Keep on repeating step 4 and 5 until the polish is the desired color.
  7. Your polish will now be a lot thicker than before. Thin it out by adding a teeny tiny drop of gentle/conditioning nail varnish remover. Don’t over do this bit or your nail polish will constantly separate as soon as you put it down, which I soon learned! (Before each use give the bottle a little giggle to blend it together again smoothly).
  8. Et voila! All that’s left to do is name your totally unique shade of polish.

Celebrate Festival

The theme of this years Celebrate festival is Active Minds and Bodies. There will be something for everyone to enjoy and also get involved in including:

Live music
International food
Arts and craft stalls
Free work-shops
Multi sport activities
A bouncy castle for the little’uns.

Free entry!
This Saturday (22nd June)
St Margaret’s Social Centre, Brantingham Rd, M21 0TU
No dogs. No glass bottles.

Festival Style Board

Unfortunately, due to lack of funds and bad timing, I’m not going to my regular festival The Beat-herder this year. So I’m vicariously camping it up (so to speak) through following the fezies on telly, reading your blogs and by making this. I call them ‘Style Boards’ (as appose to mood boards which can feature colour swatches and other relevant images) these only feature my lust-list fashion items and accessories.

Images are sourced from Cosmopolitan and Glamour but mainly from Company magazine

Images are sourced from Cosmopolitan and Glamour but mainly from Company magazine

What festivals are you off to this Summer and what are your festival essentials?

My blog has been given a Sunshine Award!

Dear Kitty aka petrel41 has nominate my blog Manchester Flick Chick for the Sunshine Award. I’m so chuffed, it’s the first award my blog has received! Thank you!

Here are the rules:

Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
Link to the person who nominated you.
Answer 10 questions about yourself  – feel free to alter some of these if they aren’t relevant to you.
Nominate 10 bloggers – Best not to nominate me again lol
Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

The 10 questions:

Favourite food:

Cold pizza followed by Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice cream. I have a food intolerance to wheat & dairy but it’s so worth it!

Favourite actor:

Garry Oldman as he’s such a fantastic actor… And I still would ;0)

Favourite TV show:

Homeland has really got into my head from the tension/chemistry between the lead male and female characters .

Favourite tear-jerker song/track:

To Build a Home by Cinematic Orchestra gets me every time. It was one of the first songs my boyfriend shared with me.

Favourite sport:

Erm, I’m good at shooting hoops with a basket ball if that counts?

Lucky charm or number:

A good luck troll doll I’ve had years – I gave him a ‘Cyber Punk’ type makeover then heard that was an actual style!

Tea or coffee:

Soya Mocha with hazelnut syrup please.

Dream holiday destination:

Hawaii. I look quite Hawaiian and the nature of the different islands is so stunning and varied.

Twitter or Facebook:

Twitter for blog post PR and #socialcommentary  Facebook for friends.

Favourite place to relax:

Sitting with my back supported in the sunshine – wherever.

Blogs I’m nominating/Passing it onto to:

Random Encounters of the Inquisitive Mind

Latino Look

Tulle and Trinkets


My Make Do and Mend Year

Brave Chica

Live by the Pen

Pulse Cafe

Stilettos and Tequila

Fashion Follows Her

Limiting this list to only 10 was one of the most difficult things I’ve worked on for a while.

Cage City Style

Handmade: Astronomy Tee £24

Handmade: Astronomy Tee £24

Vintage: Leather Look Shorts £28

Vintage: Leather Look Shorts £28

Minkpink: Till the dawn Hipster Trousers £55

Minkpink: Till the dawn Hipster Trousers £55

Cage City is an online boutique which sells one off handmade items (so you know your style is truly unique), vintage pieces and different collections such as Minkpink and Eviltwin as well as their own fashion. Prices can be a steep but the style of clothes are basically what I would design if I wasn’t scared of sowing machines. Think alternate style like 90’s grunge, rock-chick and street style, with some wonderfully kinky details – which all add up to make one kick-ass collection!

I’ve bought the Astronomy tee and I’m so excited, I can’t wait to style different outfits around it!

What would you style it with?

Parklife & After-parties

The Parklife Weekender in Heaton Park, Manchester 8th – 9th June.

I’ve heard it described as a mini-festival or a staycation. I call it an excuse to get drunk in the daytime and a chance to ride a log flume repeatedly without being judged – oh, and a great way of discovering local bands and DJ’s of course!

Here are some of the best Instagram shots from people who are in the middle of it:

Photo: @anthonybramhead

Photo: @melissapan

Photo: @melissapan

Photo: @joanne_young

Photo: @neiltjdm

Photo: @emmaswn

Parklife afterparties tonight in The Northern Quarter

Just Skank with secret guests and resident DJ’s playing a top mix of Dubstep, D&B, house and hip-hop.
@ Dry Live on Oldham Street
11.00pm – 4.00am £8 adv

Resident DJ’s playing cool 80’s pop: Blondie, Depeche Mode, Bowie, Madona etc.
@ Night & Day Cafe on Oldham Street
10.00pm – 2.00pm

Maria the Miracle Hairdresser

Do you remember what my hair looked like after the purple dip-dye faded? Well, it’s probably best if you don’t!

Luckily my hairdresser Maria who is Cypriote (and because of this) understands how to deal with thick unruly hair, came to the rescue. At the start all she could really get out of me were the words “help!” and “any colour that will suit me.”

I’ve just noticed my hair in bright sunlight against my tanned skin and I can say without doubt, she picked the perfect colour! Something which struck me as weird: It’s the same colour as the frames of my glasses – which I wasn’t even wearing that day! Great minds and all that…

Manchester Day parade 2013

Unfortunately I couldn’t get down to the parade this year -which I was really looking forward to – so here are a collection of the best pictures from Instagram

Photo by Becky Rigg @RIGG

Photo by Becky Rigg @RIGG

Photo by Hayfa Alhomaid @hayfa199

Photo by @hellsbells

Photo by Nichola Hughes @nickitrog86

Photo by @jenntakespictures

Photo by @jenntakespictures

Photo by Richard @ricardowakko

Photo by @misse_chick