Manchester Day parade 2013

Unfortunately I couldn’t get down to the parade this year -which I was really looking forward to – so here are a collection of the best pictures from Instagram

Photo by Becky Rigg @RIGG

Photo by Becky Rigg @RIGG

Photo by Hayfa Alhomaid @hayfa199

Photo by @hellsbells

Photo by Nichola Hughes @nickitrog86

Photo by @jenntakespictures

Photo by @jenntakespictures

Photo by Richard @ricardowakko

Photo by @misse_chick

15 thoughts on “Manchester Day parade 2013

    • I’m lucky to have been born in a pretty big city, where all the best artist, musicians, comedians etc in the country constantly visit on their tours. But it’s lovely to have just one day that’s all about celebrating our local community!


  1. Love this! My boyfriend and I played in the first ever Manchester Day parade a few years ago with Manchester School of Samba. Really cool experience, we met some of the members of MSS at a work shop the year before and they invited us down. My arm was broken though so I shot puffs of coloured smoke at the crowds through an air gun instead of playing my normal instrument 🙂


    • Well, when would you ever normally get a chance to do that, I reckon I’d have enjoyed it more! Lol I was thinking about joining in with the next one in some way and I’m thinking MSS sounds a lot of fun.


      • It is great fun, and all of the people we met were really nice and welcoming. There is another band that sounds cool in Manchester Jambo de Layo or something similar. You should definitely get involved 🙂


      • Aww thanks that so sweet! I am trying to improve my illustration on the PC, but I still think I am better at pencil sketching.
        Trying my best to get opportunities I think this is the best way to advertise!


  2. This looks awesome! Our parades around here never have floats that are this colorful and whimsical (it’s mostly fire trucks and people riding on wagons, haha). It looks like an amazing event to attend!


    • It is really fun and always seems to be on a sunny day. It’s only been going for 4 year but it’s become as massive as the Manchester Pride parade which is always really outrageous and tongue in cheek.


  3. aww it looks like so much fun honey, this reminds me the january first parade in London, I think is called the new year parade?, such a cool events ^_^ thank you for sharing this pictures hun, so sad you couldn’t go
    big hugs ❤


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