A Notable Step Forward For Equality

The Bank of England one of the countries oldest institutions wanted to withdraw images of women from all bank notes. Thanks to a campaign by blogger and freelance journalist Caroline Criado-Perez (founder of The Womens Room ) they have agreed to feature novelist Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility) on a ten pound note in 2017.

Caroline started a Change.org petition because she “Couldn’t let another decision that airbrushed women out of history pass without challenge.” The petition (which I signed) gathered 35,000 signatures and the campaign was featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph and on the BBC news. It was also backed by MP’s.

Caroline delivered the petition to the Head of Notes at the bank and he agreed to a personal meeting.

I think this is a wonderful achievement but Jane Austin would not have been my first choice. I would have chosen Emmeline Pankhurst as she started the feminist movement which gave women the rights we so easily take for granted today. She also grew up just down the road from me as it happens.
*Amendment* Mary Seacole the incredibly brave nurse who cared for soldiers during the Crimean war, would also have been an equally worthy candidate.

Twitter Needs to Tighten Control on Abuse

Since the successful campaign, Caroline has been subjected to a sustained campaign of abuse in the form of rape threats on Twitter. She received some sporadic threats straight after the campaign but they thinned out, then suddenly she received a barrage as if they had been orchestrated. Caroline contacted Twitters’ Mark S Luckie but his response was to lock down his account!

High profile celebs such as Caitlin Moran and Dara O’Briain have spoken out in support. Caroline faced the abuse head on by saying “Someone issuing rape threats wants women to shut up and get off Twitter…We can’t let them win.”

Tony Wang Twitters’ UK General Manager said “We encourage users to report an account for violation of the Twitter rules by using one of our report forms.” So that’s hundreds of individual forms to be filled out then! Seriously? Twitter has now decided to look into some form of ‘Report Abuse’ button to be added to Tweets.

Sign the petition to get the ‘Report Abuse’ button actioned on Twitter as soon as possible!

So to all you lovely people,

What women would you like to see on future bank notes?

Have you ever formally reported abuse on Twitter and was it dealt with sufficiently?

Customising my top into a boho tee

I’ll be honest, the only time I’ve ever used a sowing machine I somehow managed to get the bobbin so tangled up inside I BROKE the machine!

Oh no, I’ve just been reminded of another one by my Mum: We got the old Singer down from the loft (a make of sowing machine, not a kidnapped Tom Jones) and I was doing well…Until I got carried away and snagged the table cloth up under the needle! I wish I was joking at this point.

Then there was the time when I decided I was capable of hand embroidering my B’s initials on his fleece. He was cynical but decided to give me the benefit of the doubt. Surprisingly, it was looking really lovely and I was so pleased with myself – until I realized after an hour of intense work that I’d sown his pocket shut! In my defense, it was my Mum who attached the sowing ring to the fleece (and the pocket) in the first place! Unfortunately B wasn’t believing this for a second. Humph.

Anyway, I’ve learned I’m much better at distressing, slashing, platting and dying things, So here goes!

Here’s the originalFringed tank top

I had a look in local charity shops for a plain tee, planning on fringing the bottom and the arms then cutting out the neck so it would slop off one shoulder. Unfortunately they all completely swamped me! Then I found this in New Look for £9.99 and thought ‘what the hell, all the boring works been done and even more!’

I lopped the bottom off on the bias and made the length of the tassels shorter.

I was originally thinking about dip dying my tee and fringing all of the bottom but I decided I wanted it to be something I could wear all year round (with dark skinny jeans and biker boots etc) and not just during festival season.

Then I found some chunky beads with a cool ethnic print in my trinket box and threaded them onto the tassels, securing them with a knot (if I can find some similar at Afflex I’ll add a couple more on each side) I placed them fairly low down so they weren’t hidden by my arms but not so low that they swung out and got tangled.

Then I platted all of the tassels at the bottom of the tee and knotted them.

My customised version.

Finished top



What have been your successes and failures at customisation?


Free Foot Scrub with The Body Shop Membership

I renewed my Body Shop members card today (10% off purchases for a year, gain stamps to get vouchers of increasing value and get a £5 gift voucher on your birthday!) and I received a free Peppermint Soothing Pumice Foot Scrub. The scent is gorgeous but not too overpowering and the consistency isn’t harsh or gritty. It left my tough, tired hooves feeling human again!

Rating 5/5

Body Shop Free Foot Scrub

Lush has the perfect foundation & concealer in one!

Today I called in at Lush as I’d heard they make Colour Supplement for yellow (Asian/Mediterranean) toned skin. I was really eager to try it as I usually have to mix two foundations together and getting it just right is such a pain! The shop assistant explained that you can mix it together with moisturiser to make foundation or use it neat as concealer.

Lush Yellow Supliment

I couldn’t believe it when the Dark Yellow matched my cheek perfectly, without any harsh blending. Finally I’ve found the perfect foundation! I dotted it onto my really rather red nose (it caught the sun a little too much) and the glow was completely toned down, to the point of being undetectable. This is even better than The Body Shop concealer I usually swear by! The only reason this didn’t get full marks is because the range only offers 3 shades for yellow toned skin. I realised when my skin gets a shade lighter in winter, the next shade down in this product is too light so I’ll be back to mixing two colours together.

At the till I was asked if I wanted to buy a little charity pot of hand cream for a £1. I donate a small monthly amount to charity anyway so I usually leave things like this, however, the cool thing is ALL the money (apart from VAT which the government insist on) goes to charity. I know that Lush support small charities where the money will make a big difference. These include charities for animal protection, environment and human rights. On my way out I also noticed that different Lush charity pots are also available in 95g and 240g.

Lush Charity pot

Indian Head Massage: The Best Legal Way To Chill

A few days ago I was invited to Neals Yard Remedies for a complimentary Indian Head Massage (champissage) which is based on the principals of Ayurvedic medicine and massage. I expected to be sat upright on a chair and to just get a nice head rub. It’s actually more involved than that and incorporates the neck, shoulders and upper back to totally de-stress and relax you.

Before my therapist Rachel Wayte began she asked me to fill out a questionnaire about any medical conditions and bumps or bruises I may have. Rachel’s manner was so calming it instantly put me at ease. I asked her how long she had been doing holistic massage. She told me she had a total career turn about in 2010 and got trained in London at the Indian School Of Champissage which was founded in 1978 by a blind man named Narendra Mehta.

We decided that it would be nice if Rachel combined The Indian Head Massage with a Natural Facelift Massage to ease my eye bags and unblock my sinuses (from hayfever/allergies). I lay face down on a massage table then an organic base oil was massaged into my scalp with firm swirly movements, then strange but not unpleasant poky movements (like when you are trying to boots your roots up when your hair looks limp) and then finally a tight scrunching of my roots.

Then Rachel massaged my neck and shoulders which were pretty tense due to stress and me having a big chest balanced on a fairly skinny frame! I gradually realised I could hear a gentle distant voice and I had to drag myself out of near sleep to comprehend what Rachel was actually saying to me. I turned over and she gently tapped and held pressure points on my face which felt very calming. Right at the the end she stretched out my legs and ankles with a gentle pulling motion which felt simultaneously energising and relaxing.

When I got up my body felt incredibly relaxed and my mind was so calm I felt completely chilled out – almost like I’d been smoking something! I drifted into the main room and had a (slightly spaced out) chat with Rachel and another women working there and then I floated out of the door. Normally the thoughts in my head consist of all the tasks I need to do, random weird thoughts and a songs my subconscious has selected to play on repeat. At that point my mind was totally clear and when I tried to fill it with thoughts again I couldn’t focus on much of anything. This feeling was fantastic!

I highly recommend Indian Head Massage to anyone who is feeling anxious or tense. My shoulders were much more relaxed which, in turn relaxed my back as well. I also had a really peaceful nights sleep.

Rating 5/5

I recommend the natural facial massage to make your skin look radiant, reduce bags and to remove a build up of toxins in certain areas.

I’d recommend general massage to anyone really, wether it’s to relax your mind or your body.

All treatment prices are £12.50 for 30 minutes or £25.00 for an hour.

Neil’s Yard Remedies Blogging Event

Yesterday I attended the fantastic NYR bloggers event in Manchester, it was the first blogging event the company had held up North. It was a really good turn out and the atmosphere was really friendly and relaxed. There was always a member of NYR if you had any questions or another glass of bubbly.

Jane telling the story of how NYR started 30 years ago in a forgotten corner of London and how it has become the popular multi-facetted brand it is today.

Jane telling the story of how NYR started 30 years ago in a forgotten corner of London and how it has become the popular multi-facetted brand it is today.


Stella doing my make-up and teaching me how to make my eyes look bigger using only eyeshadow. She also chose the exact shade of lip colour I would have picked for myself!

I was so please with the end result!

The awesome goodie bag containing:

Wild Rose Beauty Balm 50g

(This comes with a cloth so it can be used as a gentle scrub, face mask or soothing balm)

White Tea Facial Mist 45ml

Organic Facial Wipes

(I used these to remove my makeup that evening and they did a fantastic job)

Lip Gloss in Damask Rose

Eyeshadow in Hibiscus


The eyeshadow (on the left) is a lovely rose gold colour and has a really nice gentle shimmer to it which I will use as my base shadow and highlighter. The lip gloss is wonderfully non sticky but has great staying power and tastes like a desert!


I bought some vegan probiotics to help my body deal with my food intolerance’s. I bought the lipgloss used in my make-over and got a sample of Beauty Sleep Concentrate.


I will be sampling the other products over the coming weeks.

I was so pleased that I attended this event for several reasons: Even though I’ve come into the shop a few times I didn’t realise how many treatments and therapy rooms they had. I can’t wait to book in for an Indian Head Massage after one of the other bloggers raved about it – in a totally blissed out way of course. Neal’s Yard Remedies also offer a massive range of tinctures for all sorts of ailments and vegan supplements. It was a great chance to meet other Northern Bloggers with similar attitudes to mine, who were so friendly. We swapped Twitter handles and blog names and they told me about the North West Bloggers page on Facebook.

Mega Mela 2013 – Photo Story

I’ve just come back from the first day of the Mega Mela and it has the best atmosphere of any local festival I’ve been to in years! It has a really up-beat friendly and relaxed vibe with local acts and performers that have come over from South Asia especially. I ate almond veggie curry and cooled down in heat with pistachio kulfi and a pint of mango lasi. I’m going back tomorrow to by myself a kurti.



Gabhru Academy








Mega Mela in Manchester!

Free Event Platt Fields Park (Fallowfield bordering Rusholme) on Sat 6th July  – Sun 7th July 12:00 noon until 9:30pm both days.

Mega Mela is the largest celebration of South Asian culture in the North of England. It includes two stages of live music, traditional food, arts and crafts and a funfair. The mela has been organised by The Manchester Mela Committee – comprising of representatives of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka – since 1989. The Mela has attracted audiences in excess of 60,000 made up of many ages and ethnicities.

I’ve been once before but missed last years so I’m supper excited to go on Saturday. I’ve been saving up the pennies as I want to sample as many delicious veggie dishes as my tummy will allow! I also want to buy some beautiful statement jewellery. I’m definitely getting Henna done on my hands, seeing as it’s Summer and I don’t have my usual long sleeves covering them. Definitely taking my camera!