India bans animal testing for cosmetics

I am so happy that that India has followed the EU and banned animal testing on beauty products! The Bureau of Indian Standards has removed animal testing from it’s cosmetics standards. PETA India and politicians working together were a major driving force behind the ban. Alokparna Sengupta, HSI India’s Be Cruelty-Free campaign manager was quoted in The Times Of India as saying “This is a major victory for countless animals who will no longer be made to suffer and it is a proud moment for India as it becomes the first country in South Asia to end cosmetics cruelty. We thank the thousands of Indian consumers, politicians and celebrities who helped to achieve this historic ban.”



High profile Cruelty free campaign launched in China

Many companies claiming to be cruelty-free still export their products to China were it is mandatory that all products are tested on animals. China is the worlds fourth largest beauty market with an estimated worth of $22 billion.Companies like The Body Shop and Urban Decay have refused to deal with China so that they remain genuinely cruelty-free.

Be Cruelty-Free is the worlds largest campaign to end animal testing globally and I’m pleased to hear that it has now launched in China. It is backed by Chinese pop singer Wang Feifei, Humane Society International, academic scientists and global retailer LUSH. A $80,000 grant has been provided to Institute for Invitro Sciences by HSI, The Humain Society of the United States and the Human Toxicology Project Consortium. It will provide Chinese scientists with training in technologically advanced non-animal testing methods so that regulators will have complete confidence in these alternatives.

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