Mega Mela in Manchester!

Free Event Platt Fields Park (Fallowfield bordering Rusholme) on Sat 6th July  – Sun 7th July 12:00 noon until 9:30pm both days.

Mega Mela is the largest celebration of South Asian culture in the North of England. It includes two stages of live music, traditional food, arts and crafts and a funfair. The mela has been organised by The Manchester Mela Committee – comprising of representatives of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka – since 1989. The Mela has attracted audiences in excess of 60,000 made up of many ages and ethnicities.

I’ve been once before but missed last years so I’m supper excited to go on Saturday. I’ve been saving up the pennies as I want to sample as many delicious veggie dishes as my tummy will allow! I also want to buy some beautiful statement jewellery. I’m definitely getting Henna done on my hands, seeing as it’s Summer and I don’t have my usual long sleeves covering them. Definitely taking my camera!

Leave a comment, I love reading your opinions!

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