Mega Mela 2013 – Photo Story

I’ve just come back from the first day of the Mega Mela and it has the best atmosphere of any local festival I’ve been to in years! It has a really up-beat friendly and relaxed vibe with local acts and performers that have come over from South Asia especially. I ate almond veggie curry and cooled down in heat with pistachio kulfi and a pint of mango lasi. I’m going back tomorrow to by myself a kurti.



Gabhru Academy








7 thoughts on “Mega Mela 2013 – Photo Story

  1. You know I really wanted to go to this. My friend had a jewellery stall set up and everything. However, the mela for Asian Girls attracts a lot of perverts and it’s infuriating!

    Glad you had a lovely time.

    And hola from a fellw Manchester blogger 🙂




    • Hi Halima! That’s sad to hear, while I was there for both days it was very family oriented and there weren’t gangs of teenagers causing trouble as I’ve seen at other local events. But pervy blokes that’s a different thing! I was pleased to see lots of asian women hanging out in mixed groups and just being really chilled :0)


    • I really like your blog, it looks so professional and cool! I have to know what hair dye you use and how long does it last? Have you checked out where bloggers on all plattforms can follow each other?


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