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Today I called in at Lush as I’d heard they make Colour Supplement for yellow (Asian/Mediterranean) toned skin. I was really eager to try it as I usually have to mix two foundations together and getting it just right is such a pain! The shop assistant explained that you can mix it together with moisturiser to make foundation or use it neat as concealer.

Lush Yellow Supliment

I couldn’t believe it when the Dark Yellow matched my cheek perfectly, without any harsh blending. Finally I’ve found the perfect foundation! I dotted it onto my really rather red nose (it caught the sun a little too much) and the glow was completely toned down, to the point of being undetectable. This is even better than The Body Shop concealer I usually swear by! The only reason this didn’t get full marks is because the range only offers 3 shades for yellow toned skin. I realised when my skin gets a shade lighter in winter, the next shade down in this product is too light so I’ll be back to mixing two colours together.

At the till I was asked if I wanted to buy a little charity pot of hand cream for a £1. I donate a small monthly amount to charity anyway so I usually leave things like this, however, the cool thing is ALL the money (apart from VAT which the government insist on) goes to charity. I know that Lush support small charities where the money will make a big difference. These include charities for animal protection, environment and human rights. On my way out I also noticed that different Lush charity pots are also available in 95g and 240g.

Lush Charity pot

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