Customising my top into a boho tee

I’ll be honest, the only time I’ve ever used a sowing machine I somehow managed to get the bobbin so tangled up inside I BROKE the machine!

Oh no, I’ve just been reminded of another one by my Mum: We got the old Singer down from the loft (a make of sowing machine, not a kidnapped Tom Jones) and I was doing well…Until I got carried away and snagged the table cloth up under the needle! I wish I was joking at this point.

Then there was the time when I decided I was capable of hand embroidering my B’s initials on his fleece. He was cynical but decided to give me the benefit of the doubt. Surprisingly, it was looking really lovely and I was so pleased with myself – until I realized after an hour of intense work that I’d sown his pocket shut! In my defense, it was my Mum who attached the sowing ring to the fleece (and the pocket) in the first place! Unfortunately B wasn’t believing this for a second. Humph.

Anyway, I’ve learned I’m much better at distressing, slashing, platting and dying things, So here goes!

Here’s the originalFringed tank top

I had a look in local charity shops for a plain tee, planning on fringing the bottom and the arms then cutting out the neck so it would slop off one shoulder. Unfortunately they all completely swamped me! Then I found this in New Look for £9.99 and thought ‘what the hell, all the boring works been done and even more!’

I lopped the bottom off on the bias and made the length of the tassels shorter.

I was originally thinking about dip dying my tee and fringing all of the bottom but I decided I wanted it to be something I could wear all year round (with dark skinny jeans and biker boots etc) and not just during festival season.

Then I found some chunky beads with a cool ethnic print in my trinket box and threaded them onto the tassels, securing them with a knot (if I can find some similar at Afflex I’ll add a couple more on each side) I placed them fairly low down so they weren’t hidden by my arms but not so low that they swung out and got tangled.

Then I platted all of the tassels at the bottom of the tee and knotted them.

My customised version.

Finished top



What have been your successes and failures at customisation?


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