NYR Wild Rose Beauty Barm

It’s been just over a month since I attended the Neal’s Yard Remedies bloggers event and received Wild Rose Beauty Balm in my goodie bag (along with other things I will shortly be reviewing), so I’ve had time to see the effects.


Wild Rose Beauty Balm Β£37 for 50g

It’s a multi use product that cleanses skin, gently exfoliates it if you use the cloth provided and of course moisturises. It has quite a solid consistency but soon melts on contact with the skin. It also has the most heavenly rose scent that lasts for hours. I love how NYR display exactly how organic each of there products are on the label and I was pleased to see that this one is 99%. My face is usually oily to combination and needs an exfoliator which includes grains and a lot less oil. However, it has been incredibly effective for me in two ways:

  • When combined with the cloth, I use it to remove my old patchy fake tan from around my jaw line, neck and body. It’s more efficient at this than any other product I’ve tried.
  • Like most women my age I have cellulite and some mild stretch marks. Every day after I’ve had a shower, while my skin is still damp, I massage a little bit into my skin. It’s had such an amazing effect at moisturising and evening out the look and feel of my skin, I think it’s amazing! I read on the NYR FB page that one women likes to add some to her bath – brilliant idea!


As I said, I’ve been using this every day for just over a month and it’s so effective, I’ve only made a tiny dent. I love it so much, I’ll definitely be replacing this product when it runs out – in a year or so!

44 thoughts on “NYR Wild Rose Beauty Barm

    • Yeah, I was a little “Whaaat” at the price, ha! But then I started using it and thought it’s one of those ‘you need it in your bathroom’ kind of products so it works out cheaper than buying a ton of different products, when you can just use that. I just wish my skin wasn’t combi/greasy so I could actually use it as a cleanser (one of it’s intended uses).


  1. I love mine! I started using mine about November last year I think I only just finished using it this week. There wasn’t much left but the smell had changed a bit though so I decided I’d better get rid of it! I’ve got a few other cleansers to work through but I’d definitely buy it again at some point! xx


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