Room 101

I’ve been tagged by mum of Z and into writing one of these posts. I agreed as it’s your own list of annoying things you wish you could banish into a fictional room of no return. Dun dun duh!

Neighbours playing really loud music

Ok if it’s your fave song and you want to blast it out for a while, then great. If you are having one of those infrequent house party’s, then that’s fine. I’d even like an invite! But if you are playing rap music so loudly that is sounds like it’s coming from the same room I’m in and if you are ‘singing’ along to it as a group at an ever increasing volume at three in the morning, then hell no! No, no no! But if you want to throw some Ja Rule, 2Pac, Biggie and DMX in there, I might forgive you.


These are a type of people that speak in an accent all of their own, no matter where they come from. The way they call each other over is by saying “EEh ya yo!”. The way they disagree with something is by saying “Naah, man, naah.” To confirm you know what they mean they constantly repeat “No wa a mean, yeah?” a lot. When they make a statement they often finish it with “Innit.” Meaning: Isn’t it a fact, that I have made a good point, don’t you agree?” They often walk around plastered in ‘designer’ (mainly sports designer) clothes, looking like walking billboards. They will have paid a large some of money for this privilege. Oh yes, the bigger the jewellery the better. Even though they have some how managed to acquire the latest smart phone, they delight in having a shouty conversation with their mate who’s at the opposite end of the street. Lots of scally’s are proud to be a ‘baby Daddy’ to some one with a name like Staci, Shantal or Britny. Their kids are often called Wayne, Mercedes or Kyle pronounced ‘Ki – uw’. Often affectionately referred to as “You li’l sh!t”

Electronics that don’t make your life simpler

This is what I think a great gadget should do basically. If however, it keeps crashing, has to be turned on in a certain Crystal Maze type of sequence or requires a hundred expensive extra parts to make it worth while, it’s incredibly annoying! If I have to pay someone to give me extra customer service support, for the next 6 months, to help me figure out the bloody thing, then it’s hardly ‘user intuitive’.

The bloke doing an impression of me when I protest

I sound like this “But I did clean the counter after I made my sandwich”

He tells me I sound like this “Bub bub bub bi bub bub bub!”

It drives me nuts, not because he’s taking the mickey, not because he’s ignoring my protest but because he’s got it spot on! I know I do sound like that, so it makes me laugh. Damn it!

Telephone customer service

I don’t want to speak to someone in an Indian call centre who’s accent is so strong we have no hope of understanding each other. I don’t want to be transferred around all the departments in a company, only to be given a new number to dial which turns out to be original department again. I don’t want to create a dodgy techno track by punching in my personal details with my touch tone phone, because if I make one mistake I’ll have to start all over again!

Well that was fun!

I’m tagging the list below (who are all from the North West) to see if they want to join in and have a moan.

11 thoughts on “Room 101

  1. hahahahaha love this! neighbours making excessive noise either really early or late really really irritate me too. Scallies should DEFINITELY be assigned to room101, cringe cringe cringe! x


  2. I moved from Liverpool to London in 1994 but I think that this still qualifies me as being from the north-west! Things I’d like to consign to room 101: Saloon bar bores. In my favourite local the following comment was made “Muslims who drink alcohol should be sent back to where they come from”. Excuse me, what if the individuals in question happen to have been born here in the UK? Where, exactly should they be sent back to? Also what happened to individual freedom (I.E. just because you happen to have been born into a particular faith it doesn’t follow that one has to adhere to all of it’s tenets, indeed one has the right to reject the whole lot)! 2. People who say to me, as a blind person “I really admire you”. This is patronising beyond belief although to be fair to those who voice such sentiments they are well meaning. 3. Socks with holes in them. OK they can go into the bin but its much more fun to consign them to room 101!



    • Why would you admire someone who’s blind just because – unless they won a game of darts or snooker or something where you would think “Whoa how the hell did they do that, awesome!” Maybe they mean they respect how you deal with it rather than getting all ‘wo is me’ and drowning your sorrows I guess. Couldn’t agree more with number 1. Odd socks are worse, I mean, where the heck do they go? ☺


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