Report Twitter trolls with abuse button

You may remember I mentioned in one of my previouse posts that feminist freelance journalist Caroline Criado-Perez was subjected to repeated rape threats on Twitter. Well I’ve just received an email from Kim Graham via , who after hearing about Criado-Perez’s treatment on Twitter launched a successful campaign for Twitter to create a ‘Report Abuse’ button. Hurrah! About time! Read the full story here.

8 thoughts on “Report Twitter trolls with abuse button

  1. This is such great news. When I was teaching, I had countless students who were harassed and bullied on Twitter with terrible messages encouraging them to kill themselves or telling them how ugly and undesirable they were. It’s great to know it’s now easy to report those little jerks when I see abuse! 😉


    • Nice one! Not being a natural beauty exactly (bursts out laughing at self) I’m surprised that I haven’t had a single negative comment from Twitter – maybe I’m too old at 32 to be a target. I bet they are glad they have you to stick up for them! x


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