The Versatile Blogger Award

photo-versatile-blogger112Award Speech

(no waffling on or hysterical tears)

This is an award I’m really pleased to get as I often worried, when I started blogging, that my enthusiasm for taking photo’s and writing about – well, everything would make my blog too unfocused. I’ve since come up with standard headings for various kinds of recurring posts and I’m chuffed to be thought of as a ‘versatile’ blogger! A massive thank you and a hug to Ti Amo for nominating me!

The rules

1. Display the Award Certificate on your blog.

2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.

3. Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award.

4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.

5. Post 7 interesting facts about yourself.

And the nominees for best Versatile Blogger are
7 Facts About Myself
  1. I am going to Hawaii one day. The people, the culture the wildlife and nature of the islands fascinate me.
  2. I go through long phases (almost obsessions) and then loose interest suddenly. Photography and blogging are the only things I’ve ever consistently love doing.
  3. I’m chatty and charismatic around people I’ve met before but surprisingly shy around strangers.
  4. I’m gutted that I can’t have a pet where I live.
  5. I joined a non religious choir and learned that I can sing and have a really good range.
  6. I’d love to work in digital media and PR
  7. When I’m alone I love to eat junk food, read glossy magazines (but not celeb ones like OK) and watch rom-coms and girly sitcoms.

I hope that was at least vaguely interesting for you

Chrissie :0)

19 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. right with you on #2! i have no idea why?! especially with my writing. one time i have this longs story all planned out n cat wait to get it told then the next, i wonder wth i was fussing over- then i move to another story!


  2. Hi sweetie! Thank you for nominating us, we’ve been nominated before and made a blogpost about it, but i think it’d be nice to write another 7 facts about us haha, we’ll tag you when we’ve done so!


  3. I totally identify with your love for fashion magazines, but I highly detest gossip magazines like OK and In Touch. Blah.

    Thanks for the nomination, Chrissy! That was really thoughtful, and I am honored to have been nominated by a great person like you. πŸ™‚


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