Wardrobe Detox & A/W wishlist

So a few days ago the UK weather turned from summer to autumn in the space of a day. From sunshine and and gentle breezes to rain and cold winds. The fact that I’d been sitting shivering at bus stops for most of that day, made it very apparent I needed to over haul my wardrobe.


I like laying out all of my most worn clothes from S/S or A/W as it’s easy to see what percentage I’ve actually worn. This spring and summer it was around 65%, There are a a couple of pretty daytime dresses and skirts that sat forlornly in my wardrobe all summer, never seeing the light of day. I gathered together all the other stuff I hadn’t worn and figured out the following reasons why:

It seemed to have mysteriously, ahem, shrunk.

It’s a stunning item but was impossible to match with anything else in my wardrobe. The perfect reason to go shopping to buy something that does go with it.

I bought something that would look amazing on Rihanna but makes me look like a desperate hoochy mamma.

It was massively on trend at the time and also seemed like a practical addition to my wardrobe but it just wasn’t ‘me’.

Last year it was on sale at the most bargaindatious price ever! There’s a reason for that – it sucks.

I managed to fill a giant supper market shopping bag with things to donate to charity and that’s not including footwear and accessories. It gave me a massive amount of space, a sense of order and achievement and a warm fuzzy feeling.

Here are my staple items for A/W


I’m glad I’ve got the plad skirt (Mango), the baby pink jumper (George of all places) and the bright jeans (peacocks) in there, to add some colour. The last thing I want when the weather is dull and grey is for all my outfits to match it.

There’s also a pair of snake print skinny jeans and some mint green and grey acid wash skinny jeans (7 for all Mankind priced at £200 found in a charity shop for £2.00!) to wear with tall DM’s when it gets really cold. I can’t wait to snuggle into my giant grey faux fur again. Outfit posts to follow.

I’ve got a few band tees but they are grey and printed with muted colours, so I’m going to buy some cheerfully bright jumpers (she says, then goes and orders a black jumper with a snarling panther on it). Has anyone else noticed that supermarket jumpers somehow manage to be really short in the arms and the waist, no matter what size you get? I’ve also got my eye on some black thigh-high chunky boots from New Look.

PantherH&M £19.99

What have you got on your A/W wish list or if you’ve already been hitting the shops, what essentials have you bought?

13 thoughts on “Wardrobe Detox & A/W wishlist

  1. That’s a really fun tiger top from H&M, Chrissy. I would totally wear that! I’m kind of sad about putting the summer threads away, but I’m also really excited to cuddle up in cozy cable sweaters. One thing I would really like to buy this season is a black (faux) leather jacket.


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