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I got a freebie of Good Things lip balm about 6 months ago and although it was really effect, I never liked the strong scent. I went on the Good Things site recently and was impressed with the two ranges on offer: The original range and the anti Blemish range. Good Things is a range of products created by beauty journalist Alice Hart – Davis for young people (leaning toward skin that’s prone to being oily or sensitive), which harnesses the goodness of fruit extracts.


No parabens

No sodium laureth sulphate (the chemical that creates foam which can be too harsh for skin)

No mineral oils


Deep Clean Blackhead Exfoliator

Superfruit extracts Papaya & Licorice


I’ve just used up a well known make of mattifying exfoliator, which contains seaweed. It worked really well but I got tired of people asking “Chrissie, why the hell do you smell of seaweed so often?” Hmm time for a change me thinks. I’ve been washing my face with this every day for a week and every other day I massage it in with firm circular motions for more exfoliation. The grains are incredibly fine and they don’t melt which makes them really effective but also comfortable to use. My skin feels moisturised, oil free and has been blemish free for the week. Unlike most other harsher exfoliators, it doesn’t make my skin flushed or irritated. Finally, I’ve never really been a fan of licorice but when combined with papaya it works and gives a really lovely mild scent.

Deep Pore Anti Blemish Lotion

Superfruit extracts Fig and Wild Strawberry

Good Things  Anti Blemish Lotion

I’ve been using this as a cleanser in the evening for a week now. It removes makeup easily and thoroughly without stripping my skin of moisture. The scent is amazing and reminds me of blueberries – strangely. I’ve also noticed that if I use it just before bed, it balances my skin overnight and stops me waking up with my usual oil slick. Having tried a few nigh-time serums before which were far too rich, this was a well needed bonus!

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  1. IndianSavagein Avatar

    Nice review sweetie!
    Have a sweet sunday!
    The diary of a fashion apprentice


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