Souk Souk Beauty Box Review

I came across the brand Souk Souk on Twitter and asked them if they were a cruelty-free beauty company. I’m glad to say the answer was yes, as I’ve been looking for an ethical BB for a while. They offer The Little Green Beauty Box subscriptions for 3, 6 and 12 months or a pay monthly option. They also offer a one offer a Limited Edition Beauty Box and a Bespoke Beauty Box – Large £100 Medium £50 or Small (which is the one I went for) at £25. It says on their website ‘each box contains a selection of full-sized and sample-sized products’ and The Little Green Magazine.


Before Souk Souk put your box together they ask you what type of products you are interested in (all of them), ‘What shade of green are you?’ (I’m interested in organic and natural ingredients), What type of skin (oily/combination), what colour skin (olive as I wasn’t sure what medium really meant and I often use a subtle tanning lotion anyway) and what your hair is like – I was pleased they had a ‘coloured’ option.

My box arrived within 4 days from ordering and I was pleased to see it was an easily recyclable cardboard box filled with the products nestled in shredded paper – I hate those foam peanut things!

Souk Souk Beauty Box Contents

I actually squealed with delight upon opening my box and seeing all of the lovely (and very ethical) products – yay! I’ll be reviewing all of the products individually over the next couple of months but for now here’s the list of contents:

Avril Mascara – I’ve just ran out of my old faithful, so I’m really excited to try this out.

Faith in Nature aloe Vera & Ylang ylang Shower Gel/Foam Bath

Essential Care Lemon & Tea Tree face wash – should be great for my combi skin.

Dr Alkaitis Replenishing Serum (sample)

Dr Alkaitis Treatment Oil (sample)

Dr Alkaitis Night Cream (sample)

Eyelash Curlers – which look like the Terminator of lash curlers!

C’s Almond and Avocado Face Cream

Mint and Avocado Foot Balm – as soon as I opened this the peppermint was overwhelming, gaaaah!

Glam Minerals Eyeshadow in antique gold – wow!

Avril nail polish – toffe colour yum!

Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo

Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Conditioner

Overall a great range of products, most of which where BUAV, Vegan and Soil Association (or their international equivalent) approved. I’m a little surprised the hair products aren’t for coloured hair but they do sound like very gentle and nourishing products and I like that I get to try both shampoo and conditioner. I couldn’t have picked better makeup colours for my natural colouring if I’d tried, in fact I’d previously (and unsuccessfully) looked all over for a polish this colour!

I’m so pleased with my Souk Souk Bespoke Beauty Box, I keep recommending it to any one who will listen!

Rating 5/5

Whoop! Whoop!

New 1st Blogversary Offer!

Here’s the second part of my blogversary celebrations!

Hands Free Massage

I’m offering one lucky person (based in or near Manchester) the chance to get a No Hands massage by In Harmony Therapies for just £20 (normally £40), a fantastic 50% off! Below is some information from masseuse Rachel.

“NO HANDS® Massage is a deep and relaxing. It is a massage that works on many levels. Because I use the soft surfaces of my forearms rather than my hands NO HANDS massage can be deeper and more relaxing than conventional massage.

NO HANDS is much more than just working without using my hands, it is about working with zero strain for the therapist and with zero pain for the client. Massage doesn’t have to be painful.  Massage applied gently, will encourage the muscles to soften and open up instead of involuntarily contracting at the discomfort. This allows the massage to penetrate the deeper layers of the muscles, but with no pain. So it can be as deep as you want it to be, or as light as your muscles need it to be.

NO HANDS massage can be light and gentle or deep and structural, like a sports massage, It is a massage to help and support you on your journey through life. Whether to help you release muscular tension, support you through tough mental or emotional times, through times of change or to help you with your daily life. You will feel the benefits long after the session has finished.

I would personally encourage anyone  to try NO HANDS and feel what this amazing massage can do.”

Steamroller technique

Steamroller technique

To be in with a chance of getting a massive 50% off comment bellow quoting ‘#NoHandsMassage’ or if you want to spread some love, follow me on Twitter and RT one of the #NoHandsMassage tweets. a winner will be picked at random. Competition closes 17/11/13.

Halloween Cat Makeup Look

I got invited to a fancy dress party and decided I should probably practice my makeup before the event. I haven’t done a step-by-step guide as it was a spur of the moment thing. I gave my bloke and his Dad quite a shock when I slunk into the living room!

Cat MakeupMeow

My Simpsons worthy overbite certainly helped but I also used thick concealer all over my lips, then dark brown eyeliner to draw on the muzzle, followed by a line of black lipstick (all of which I already owned). I bought the cat ears from Claire’s for £4.50 (they actually have a full range of them) and the collar is just a piece of my everyday jewellery. I kinda wish this was acceptable makeup  any time. Imagine how interesting doing your food shopping would be if random people were in stage makeup! No demons or zombies though, that would be weird.

1st Blog Birthday Comp & Offers

It’s Manchester Flick Chick’s first blogversarry, hurrah! I’d like to say a massive thank you to you all for your comments and loyalty over the past year. Keep a look out on the blog over the next month, for the following:

Win a mini goodie bag of products from Crabtree & Evelyn, Barry M and The Body Shop

Get a discount on:

Lylia Rose jewellery and accessories

In Harmony Therapies – Hands free massage

A pampering massage party or single session

Lylia Rose

First up, one reader will win £5.00 off any order (including sale items) from Lylia Rose. They have the cutest, quirkiest and most wonderful collection of jewellery and accessories I’ve seen online. To be in with a chance of winning, please tell me which Lylia Rose product you’d like a discount on. Offer open to UK & Europe only.

Crabtree & Evelyn pop-up in Mcr Arndale

A pop-up shop hosted by Crabtree & Evelyn – a beauty brand established in 1972, which combines traditional natural remedies with modern scientific innovations – has arrived at the Manchester Arndale, one of 15 pop-up’s around the UK.

Jacqui Gale, from Crabtree & Evelyn’s head office, said “Manchester Arndale is the UK’s largest inner-city shopping centre so it is the perfect choice for Crabtree & Evelyn’s first pop-up shop. It is situated in the heart of Manchester and it opens just in time for Christmas so an ideal time for customers to discover our festive gift collection.”

Crabtree & Evelyn

The Secret Garden Christmas Gift collection includes festive home fragrances feature warming, evocative scents reminiscent of winter fruits and spices, accompanied by indulgent treats – from richly atmospheric candles to indulgent stocking-filling gifts for everyone – all decorated with beautiful rich, jewel-toned illustrations.

The pop-up will also showcase products and gift sets from Crabtree & Evelyn’s La Source, Gardeners, Rosewater and also Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed collections. They will offer a selection of seasonal food and their Nail Lacquer collection. For more about the origins of the brand see here.

I can’t wait to check out this brand (especially as I’ve been searching for something special to treat all my loved ones to this Xmas) and I’m looking forward to getting into the festive spirit a little earlier this year.

‘The Lady is a Vamp’ Mani

    Starry Night

I thought I would start of with a fairly simple gothic manicure first, for anyone who won’t be wearing a specific costume this Halloween.

I love how 3D the star studs are. They are from a set of assorted nail jewels from Claire’s. I decided to make my thumb the accent nail as there’s more room to play about with and it’s just more original. For amore rock-chick look, keep nails short.

I used an appropriately named Star Gazer polish in 129.


    The Lady is a Vamp

For this look file your nails into an uneven point and leave cuticles with a gory smudged edge. We’re going for a creepy vamp or devil look here, not Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled.

I think a vamp would accessorise her nails with crosses but invert them just to be ironic.

I used a Body Shop polish from last years collection but they usually always have a deep red available for A/W or you could try this one from Ciate which is very similar.

For anyone who’s not confident with a brush (like me) you can use Nail Art nail tattoos for the crosses, they are cheap and easy to use.

Have fun!

Space Invaders In Manchester

Property of Manchester Flick Chick

Property of Manchester Flick Chick

Property of Manchester Flick Chick

Property of Manchester Flick Chick

Property of Manchester Flick Chick

Property of Manchester Flick Chick

I don’t know how many of these are originals by Invader and how many (if any) are a homage to the French street-artist, who’s known for invading major international cities. I do know that us Mancunians are proud to have him visit our city.

How many have you spotted around Manchester or have you seen any in your own city?

A great cure ring for snoring!

As anyone who has to put up with a partner who snores like an angry lion roaring will tell you, it can be really frustrating. Frustrating to the point of wanting to boot them out of bed – literally. I got a bit of a shock when my bloke informed me that I also snore “like a little dog”, which isn’t as cute as I thought and actually quite annoying apparently.

I was really pleased when another blogger informed me that Good Night Anti-Snoring Rings existed and I asked Good Night if I could put them to the test. My bloke was rather skeptical but willing and I was just plain desperate.

Good Night Anti-snore Ring

How It Works

The ring uses acupressure theory by applying pressure on specific points using two Acu-Activators which work on different pressure points S12 & HT9 located on the little finger. This works in harmony with the body’s bio rythms.

Good Night Anti-snore Ring


You need to wear the ring for at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep.

Going of the Chinese belief of Yin and Yang men should generally bennefit from wearing the ring on their right hand and women on their left. If the person is a very heavy snorer however, they can wear one on each hand!

Wear the ring ONLY when you are about to sleep and for no longer than 12 hours.

The ring is not suitable for pregnant women or for people under 18 and it’s also not suitable for people with sleep apnea.

The Anti-Snoring Ring is available in three sizes Small J-P, Medium N-S. Large S-Z


Good Night Anti-snore Ring

Putting Them To The Test

After 4 nights:

“This ring really works, it’s amazing!” we are both saying.

After 5 nights:

Aaargh! Really bad night of snoring from my bloke, what the heck is going on?

After 7 nights:

Throughout the night when he’s on his back my bloke makes a quiet rumbling noise every now and then. I pressume this is when he’d normally be snoring loudly if it wasn’t for the ring.

After 14 nights:

Blissful sleep for the majority of the time. We realise the first snoring instance was because my bloke confessed he wasn’t sure he had the ring on the right way round that evening. I must admit I tried to put it on my ring finger a few times… ha ha, don’t even go there people! . The second instance was a result of my bloke consuming a large amount of beer (always a bad snore omen) and then being woken by me as I desperately tried to shove the ring on his finger. Hardly a great start to a relaxing nights sleep.

Our Verdict

Over all we are really impressed! The Good Night Anti-snoring rings which we refer to as ‘our snorings’ have become a nightly his and hers accessory. I haven’t snored once while wearing mine and I find it very comfortable. One could argue “Well you might not have snored anyway during those nights.” but the fact our snoring stopped and only returned when we didn’t use the rings correctly is a kind of default test, as I see it.

I must let my Mum know about these rings as she still hasn’t got accustomed to my Dad snoring, even after 40 years of marriage!

Money back guarantee on website:

‘If you are not satisfied that after using the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring that it has not stopped or reduced your snoring after using the ring and wearing it each night correctly and according to instructions for a minimum of 21 days, we will refund your purchase price less the postage and packaging.’

Rings cost £30.

Rating 5/5

B. Quick one coat nail polish

B is Superdrugs own brand nail polish and all of their own brand products are BUAV (leaping bunny) approved, meaning they are cruelty-free. At only £3.32 I thought this bright peach shade with a hard candy shell-like finish would be my go-to everyday polish from now on. Wrong!

PB Quick one coat nail polish

£3.32 189 Persica

PB Quick one coat nail polish

£3.32 189 Persica

The name claims it only needs one coat. Now, this is true if you actually like an uneven streaky finish, me, not so much. I tried slapping on one really thick coat but the varnish is so gloopy it looked rounded, as if I’d just dipped my whole nail into the bottle or like I was wearing really cheap plastic false nails. Once dry however, it looked great and it dried so fast that even I didn’t have a chance to accidentally smudge it.

PB Quick one coat nail polish

Here you can see the difference between thin and thick coats.

I was starting to like this polish and was about to do a write up but thankfully decided to see how long it lasted first. I painted my nails at tea time (5.00pm) and by dinner time (1.00pm) the following day, 5 nails were chipped.

PB Quick one coat nail polish

When applying it I’d used a base coat and top coat and the only house work I’d done since was to fill and empty the washing machine, hardly an endurance test for my nails. I don’t know if the chipping is due to the solid shiny finish and other finishes in the range would do better but I’m not remotely impressed. The only reason I’m giving this goop any points at all is because it dries quickly so it makes the perfect rushed manicure.

As I’m writing this my bloke looks at these pictures and asks “Is that paint from B&Q?” “No” I reply “That would have lasted longer.”