‘The Lady is a Vamp’ Mani

    Starry Night

I thought I would start of with a fairly simple gothic manicure first, for anyone who won’t be wearing a specific costume this Halloween.

I love how 3D the star studs are. They are from a set of assorted nail jewels from Claire’s. I decided to make my thumb the accent nail as there’s more room to play about with and it’s just more original. For amore rock-chick look, keep nails short.

I used an appropriately named Star Gazer polish in 129.


    The Lady is a Vamp

For this look file your nails into an uneven point and leave cuticles with a gory smudged edge. We’re going for a creepy vamp or devil look here, not Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled.

I think a vamp would accessorise her nails with crosses but invert them just to be ironic.

I used a Body Shop polish from last years collection but they usually always have a deep red available for A/W or you could try this one from Ciate which is very similar.

For anyone who’s not confident with a brush (like me) you can use Nail Art nail tattoos for the crosses, they are cheap and easy to use.

Have fun!

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