Essential Care Lemon and Tea Tree Facial Wash

Essential Care, Lemon & Tea Tree Facial Wash

Free-from artificial fragrance & colours, petrochemicals, glycols and sulfates and GM ingredients.

70% organic.

Soil Association approved.


This is the first product from my Souk Souk Beauty Box I’m reviewing because in my opinion it’s the best one. It has a light gel like consistency and even though it only foams up a little, you still only need a tiny amount.

Essential Care Face Wash

It has a fairly strong scent but the lemon balances out the scent of the tee tree and it doesn’t cling to your skin after rinsing anyway. My skin felt balanced and non-greasy all day (which is minor miracle depending on what mood my skins in) and it really calmed any redness. I had to slap on some slightly thicker face cream than normal to prevent any dry patches before applying makeup, as I said it really sucks up all of the oil. I’m so impressed with this lemon and tee tree facial wash I’ll either track down Essential Care on the high street or mail order it. I might use it every other day in the very cold months of the year but this will be like magic in a tube for when my skin starts getting oily again.

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