Save The Blow Dry – Shower Cap review

Save The Blow Dry shower cap

When I heard that Save The Blow Dry were looking for people to review their frizz eliminating shower cap, I agreed at once. As you probably know by now I have long ridiculously thick hair which loves to freak out at any sign of humidity. It’s defeated an entire bottle of hair serum before and takes 5 hours to air dry, so having a daily shower is a nightmare.

The Tech Spec

Cap infoThe cap has two layers, the (phalate free) water proof outer layer and a ‘super-absorbent micro weave toweling’ which diminishes any moisture and humidity.

When using a rescue treatment on your hair the cap can also be worn inside out to create heat so the treatment can sink into your hair more effectively.

When you’re finished just rinse the outside of the cap if necessary and hang up to dry.

If you have long hair, don’t forget to dry yourself before taking the cap of so stray strands of hair don’t get all soggy.

Cap on headI have no problem getting my hair into the shower cap, it’s huge! I love the fact it just has the bows printed on it so it looks cute and retro rather than something too chintzy. Saying that, I’m never letting my bloke see me in this – ever. I wore the cap reversed after applying a hair mask, then I gently dried and styled my hair. I then went back into the shower for a relaxing 15 minutes with the cap on (the protective way around) covering all my precious hard work to really test it.


Give away and cap 002

This is straight after I’ve taken off the cap. I’ve not brushed at all – I  just let it fall back into place. The fact my hair is still in these gentle waves and not a mass of bedraggled fluff is seriously impressive! This is an awesome Xmas stocking filler for Mums and mates. “Thank you Save The Blow Dry!” – My hair.

5 thoughts on “Save The Blow Dry – Shower Cap review

  1. That looks rather promising! I could have done with this in the days I used to straighten my hair! 🙂 I always go au naturale now, so I’ve no need for it, but glad it works for you xx


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