OOTD 90’s Grunge

I was considered weird in my early teens in 90’s Gorton, Manchester. I dressed like an untidy boy and listened to weird out of tune music by a band called Nirvana. Then by my late teens ‘Grunge’ had hit all parts of Britain and I was cool apparently. These days with grunge being a popular look for off duty models there’s a legion of teens giving a damn about not looking like they give a dam. Irony upon irony.

I do alternate my style for different seasons and occasions but I always come back to some variation of this. I’ve piled it all on today as it’s so cold. If only I’d bought a leather jacket big enough to fit over the top!


Necklace Customized from 4 old broken ones

Tee My blokes old vintage T-shirt

Checked Shirt On long term loan from my Dad

7 For All Mankind Jeans £2.00 from charity shop (£200 new)

Boots New Look

21 responses to “OOTD 90’s Grunge”

  1. Great look, those jeans are awesome. What a find!


  2. Great look, those jeans are awesome. What a find!


  3. Wonderful! I could never completely make the grunge look, though I like it…


    1. I’ve had a lot of people say that to me but to me it’s just my natural everyday look, although it easy to cross the line into scruffy if not thoughtful ☺


  4. omg i used to LOVE nirvana! whenever i hear any of their songs i get an instant flashback to being 14 🙂


    1. It properly sunk in for me at 17 when Teen Spirit came on in a club and all these moshers and bikers and punks just went nuts together!


  5. I love this look, and you totally rock it. As Anita says – I think I would look like I’d been at the dressing up box, but you carry off this style fabulously!
    Love Vicky


  6. I can’t carry the grunge look it just makes me look messy i think you do a better job than me. Thanks for popping over to my blog 🙂


  7. I like this look on you Chrissy!



  8. LOVE the look! Especially the boots and jeans!


    1. Cheers! I nearly fainted when I looked up the make of jeans online and saw the original price lol


      1. hahaaaaaa! And there are people who buy them at THAT price! SMH


      2. That’s what’s so great about thrifting! 🙂 I love this outfit; it really captures your personality!


  9. The grunge look is cool and edgy! I don´t mind it at all, as a matter of fact I occasionally opt for the style myself. ❤


    1. It does look kinda bad-ass I guess 😄😉


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