LUSH Beauty Haul

Actually this is my blokes LUSH beauty haul. I created a LUSH wish list with the intention of him surprising me with some of the items for Christmas. Armed with my wish list he ventured forth into the ‘overwhelmingly scented’ shop and was apparently asked by a canny and very helpful assistant “Is that someone’s wish list you need help with?” “Yes it is! Yes please, thank you!” was his gracious reply. He only went and bought me everything on my list!


Clockwise from left to Right: Retread Hair Conditioner (for deep conditioning of frazzled weary hair), Curly Wurly (conditioning shampoo for wavy or curly girlies), fluff ease (leave on hair treatment), Breath of God Gorilla Perfume (for on-the-go application), Moisturising Lotion Bar (for use on wet skin), Lust (Gorilla Perfume *swoon*), Dirty Styling Cream (to precisely style unruly hair), Eyes Right (mascara), Deodorant bar (well duh), Feeling Secure (eyeliner) Confident (lip stain), there is also a spot treatment & shaving cream (for my legs).

I’m chuffed to bits! I requested the smaller sizes of all of the products, as I’m trying them for the first time and also, they have a use by date on them as they are freshly made in the shop. I’ll be reviewing them all soon to, so keep an eye out…

26 thoughts on “LUSH Beauty Haul

  1. Oh wow – well done that man! I adore LUSH, the products, the ethics, the whole kit and caboodle. They gave me a huge load of samples last time I went in, and I loved each and every product. I only went in for a lip scrub, but think have found new fave shop. Can’t wait to see the reviews, as I am a curly girly to, and love leave in conditioner. Can’t wait to read the reviews – would love to know what their makeup collection is like. I hear they have a sale on – so may well be spending some of my Christmas pennies (depending on just how packed the high street is).
    Love Vicky


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