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Happy new year dudes! I hope 2014 is awesome of for you and full of love, luck and great surprises.

In the years previous to me turning 30 I was a bit of a nut job, that is to say I was up and down emotionally but always fun…to the extreme! During the past two years I’ve become a lot more balanced, responsible and well… boring.

You see, in my need to grow up and be responsible and more emotionally stable, I’ve swung too far the other way. Someone who loves me and knows me really well just told me “It’s just that sometimes, it’s a bit boring being out with you, nowadays.”

If any of my old mates would’ve heard that they would’ve been as gob-smacked as I was. I wasn’t exactly known for my self restraint back then, believe me! Upon thinking about it though, this person has a very valid point. I have turned into a bit of an old biddy, glued to the couch wearing my blanket with sleeves, sleeves I tells ya!

My new years resolutions to get back the spontaneously fun version of me

Don’t over think things. Just do it already!

Just because you aren’t getting completely w@nkered anymore, does not me you are now the responsible adult in charge of the completely w@nkered people. Drink and be merry!

Learn to laugh at yourself, you fell over, you aren’t hurt, it’s funny!

Stop planning everything. Not knowing where the night will take you, isn’t being reckless. There’s a difference between not knowing and not caring where you end up.

Keep trying new things and take advantage of opportunities. If nothing else, it will give you something to blog about – rather than those weird posts where you talk to yourself, ahem.

Forgive people their flaws. Have more patience with people, you can also be annoying sometimes. Diffuse tension, don’t cause it.

Have conversations with people, don’t just hurry on your way. You never know what new film, bar, cafe you might learn about or what interesting people you might meet.

Put the iPod, phone, TV remote down and back away. If someone you care about is trying to have a laugh with you or share some good news etc. give them a big smile and your FULL attention. These moments are precious.

Get out of the house every single day even if it’s just to buy some fresh food from the local shop. Freezing cold wind and rain is not an excuse. Make an effort with appearance every day – ‘crazy cat lady’ is not a good look.

So 2014 should see me getting back to feeling more chilled out and having more fun. Hopefully this change in attitude will be evident in my blogging.
This ace illustration of me being more spontaneous was drawn for me by Jammy and Jelly

What are your new years resolutions and reasons? I’d love to know x</strong

6 responses to “New Year = Old Me”

  1. Vicky Avatar

    Aw…crazy cat lady is exactly what I base my look on 😉
    I do sympatise – I don’t drink, so when with those who are drinking, my maternal instincts kick in and I feel the need to look after people and drive them home to bed. Not drinking doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have fun – I can be pretty darn crazy with no added chemicals. In fact, one reason I don’t drink is that it makes me fall asleep!
    Have fun, go nuts and be you – and 30 is the new 20 (I’m 31….I mean 21 😉 )
    All the best for the new year look forward to some crazy fun blog post
    Love Vicky
    PS. am a total tech addict to – so I need to work on putting down the consumer durables and paying more attention to fella/family/cats xx


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      It’s funny, most of the bloggers I’ve met this year are in their early 30’s, so it’s obv the best age. Consumer ‘durables’ definitely describes my iPod, the amount of times it’s fell off the couch. I do like a bit of chemical enhancement but it’s the amount of it that was the problem and the ‘fun’ inducing factor. Here’s to being happy, witty wenches over a cuppa ☕☕ and turning off the overly-motherly vibe when larging it up! ;0)


  2. chistanote Avatar

    Happy New Year


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Hope you have an awesome new year!


  3. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Avatar

    First, have a really great 2014. You have never come across, on your blog as boring by the way! I agree with you and will do the same as regards technology -if someone is communicating with me I will give them my full attention. My other resolution is to do more writing (my books) and less blogging. I enjoy blogging and interacting with the many and varied people out there but I need to spend more time actually writing. Cheers, Kevin


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Aaw ta Kevin. You totally should get in the zone as far as writing is concerned. I’ll make a resolution to read more of it :0)


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