Animal testing ban in India & São Paulo!

India has decided to end animal testing for household products after an extensive campaign by PETA India, which included appeals from high-profile politicians as well as lengthy discussions with PETA India’s scientist and support from scientists at PETA UK and PETA US.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) committee responsible for determining test requirements for household products, on which PETA India’s scientist has an official seat, decided in a meeting on Wednesday to replace a skin sensitisation test with a non-animal testing method.This decision makes India the second country, following Israel, to end animal tests for household products and comes on the heels of a recently enacted ban on cosmetics testing on animals in India and similar bans in the EU and Israel.

PETA India is now working to urge the Indian government to take the next step, as Israel has done, and ban the sale of all cosmetics and household products tested on animals anywhere in the world.
The following excerpt regarding São Paulo is taken from The Huffington post and written by Troy Seidle.

“Exciting news just in from Humane Society International’s Be Cruelty-Free campaign team in Brazil, where the State of São Paulo has just introduced Latin America’s first ever ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

São Paulo may be just a single state, but this is significant nonetheless. It hosts more than 700 of the 2,300 cosmetics companies in the country, more than any other state in Brazil. And Brazil itself is a major player in the global cosmetics market, the third largest in the world and the biggest cosmetics market in Latin America with a 58 per cent share.

Testing cosmetics such as lip stick and shampoo on living animals has already been banned across the European Union, Israel and India… However, no such policy shifts have yet been seen in Latin America.

HSI’s Be Cruelty-Free Brazil campaign aims to change that and we’re hoping that this São Paulo ban marks the beginning of the end of cosmetics cruelty in Brazil. For more than a year we’ve been leading a high profile nationwide campaign to see Brazil’s cosmetics animal testing banned. Be Cruelty-Free Brazil has attracted unprecedented cross-party supportfrom Parliamentarians with more than 150 policy makers signing our Be Cruelty-Freepledge. And Brazilian stars such as super model Fernanda Tavares have added their celebrity sparkle to our call for cosmetics with compassion.

But in São Paulo credit really goes to the local animal protection groups that we support and ordinary citizens, all of whom have witnessed cosmetics animal testing banned elsewhere around the world and want to bring that change to their doorstep. While Brazil’s politicians consider HSI’s detailed proposals for national legislative reform, São Paulo wasn’t prepared to wait and we commend Governor Geraldo Alckmin for signing the bill to prohibit these cruel cosmetics tests in São Paulo’s laboratories.”

Harvey Nichols is still selling real fur!

Recently Harvey Nichol’s Fashion Director, Paula Reed, left her job after the bad press they received for selling real fur. But despite this they are still selling real fur. By speaking out now, we can make sure that Harvey Nichols reinstates its no-fur policy.

Please sign the petition

The fur industry is horrendous. Animals are crammed into tiny cages row by row until their throats are slit, often in view of the other animals. In some places animals are killed in whatever way is most ‘convenient’, if indeed at all, before they are skinned.

Even on so-called “high-welfare” fur farms in countries such as Sweden and Norway animals are treated like fur machines, nothing more.

A/W saw the high-street inundated with a choice of beautiful quality faux-fur. Fashion is no longer a (pathetic) excuse.

There is never an excuse for wearing real fur!

We can keep the UK fur free if we all sign and share petitions like this.

January Post Swap Party & Round UP

What I’ve Been Up To This Month

Well I’ve made it through another month without any disasters, unless you count my attempt at frying 2 eggs, which resulted in a big rubbery pile. I’ve gone out with The Bloke a few times for a mosey around town. I highly recommend a pint of Old Rosy cider (pretty strong and not cheap so just one pint for me) from The Waterhouse next to the town hall. Upon visiting our old fave The Bank on Mosley street, I treated myself to the Veggie Wellington (a gorgeous mix of melted brea and spinach in light puff pastry, alongside the creamiest mashed potato like my Ma used to make and al dente veggies), so tasty I forgot to take a picture! Me and The Bloke ended up having a spontaneous little house party one night. I met up with old friends one Saturday night in a soulless local pub but we still wet our selves laughing, until it closed, at 10.30!

Blog Related News

I’ve clocked up a lot of beauty product reviews, which I really enjoyed doing so that’s probably the reason for so many. I’m glad I discovered an old folder of street-art shots that I’d previously forgotten to post. I’ve been interviewed by the lovely Rebecca Brown for The Blogger’s Lounge website, I’ll post a link to it when it goes live.

Three blogs I’ve got into during January are Honk If You’re Vegan (The Bloke pointed out it’s tittle could be interpreted very differently in the UK than in the US, haha!) which is a fantastic vegan lifestyle blog full of helpful ideas, Bewitchery Blog a style and lifestyle blog by Naomi which features the most awesome make-up shades and cool alt style, and Head Like Soup a thoughtful, personal blog about anything that comes into Eva’s head.

Post Swap Party. I got this idea from the ace Suzie who’s blog Suzie81 I’m always reading. The idea is at the end of the month you hold a post swap party and share links to your 3 best posts – or a few for specific reasons (this is my deviation to the idea) – from over the month and invite everyone to leave a link to their chosen post in the comments section. Great idea!

Here’s mine:

LUSH Curly Wurly Cocounut Shampoo and LUSH Retread Conditioner This combo has transformed the actual texture of my coarse wild hair, so I had to share!

Suddenly Geek Is Chic I loved writing this post about the irony of how things that would have been considered seriously dorky a few years ago have suddenly become main stream, trendy even. Hipsters. There, I couldn’t really avoid saying the H word now could I? I’m a proud geek and can identify with everything in here, almost – socks with sandals anyone? No, thought not – but also because I really enjoy making random list, like I said, geeky!

Comment with a link to just one of your posts (otherwise the spam filter will gobble them up), something you’re proud of or one that you just HAVE to share with everyone (nothing heavily PR based please). Have fun reading and commenting on each others posts and invite a plus one! I’ll be over by the chocolate fountain… With a ladle.

Manchester Celebrates Chinese New Year In Style

Since changing to a vegetarian-dairy free diet I’ve visited Manchester’s China Town restaurants countless times and I love discovering new places to eat there. For anyone (like me) who has been meaning to visit the Chinese Arts Centre, now is the perfect time.

Dragon Dance.jpg.ashx

Credit: Visit Manchester.

Here’s how Manchester is celebrating this Chinese New Year – the year of the Horse.

20th January – 6th February: Selfridges has designed a gift card with art work themed around the Chinese New Year, available to purchase at each till.

Lunch time until 8pm Monday 27th  – 8pm Friday 31st January: The Champagne Bar on the 3rd floor of House of Fraser will offering cocktails for half price as well as other offers and events by various beauty concessions across the new year. Perfect excuse to drink cocktails.

Thursday 30th January – Saturday 1st February 12pm – 9pm: St Ann’s Square is hosting a food market and live music. Some of Manchester’s eateries taking part are Red Chilli (I’ve eaten here before and highly recommend them), I Am Pho, Pearl City, Yang Sing and Wong Wong Bakery which I can’t wait to sample.

Sunday 2nd February 1.00pm: Dragon Parade! This is the headline day of the The Chinese New Year festivities. A 175ft dragon will be weaving and dancing it’s way from Albert Sq to China Town. There will also be a funfair, street-food, martial arts and traditional dance. You can learn traditional arts such as calligraphy, tangrams and origami

6.00pm Fireworks! Well it wouldn’t be a Chinese New Year without Fireworks.

Hey, click on the dragon to find more things to do in Manchester.

Lush Fluff-Eaze & LUSH Styling Cream

LUSH Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze Hair Treatment £12.25 for 220g

LUSH Fluff-Eaze

This smells amazing and has a lovely luxurious texture. I’m advised to put it onto very damp hair and then style as normal, which for me is a bit of old fashioned ‘scrunching’ and a quick blast of cool air. I’m impressed by how much this defines my waves and the henna leaves my Auburn hair lovely and shiny. It doesn’t way down my hair and gives gentle hold without being too stiff – unlike gel. When I get caught out in the rain later I’m very glad I also used the product below though. The day after my waves still look fairly defined and my hair still feels soft.

Features: Vegan

LUSH Dirty Styling Cream £6.95 for 100g

LUSH Styling Cream

Wow, when they say this holds your style, they really mean it. It’s like cement in a tub! The scent is the same as Lush’s Gorilla Perfume in Dirty which is an exotic flowery scent. If I had a shorter hair style this would give me the ability to get really creative. I use it to smooth (stick) down my roots and fringe so they don’t fuzz up in the rain. It works amazingly well and a day later my hair is still staying put. I use an afro comb so as not to undo my style and snag my hair and then run damp hands over it to revive the products.

Features: Vegan


As you can see, I’m really pleased with the immediate results: Soft relaxed beachy waves and shiny hair that’s  controlled but not all stiff and crunchy. Please try to ignore the weird uneven colour, I’m in between dye jobs.

So This Was My Week

I’ve had a pretty stressful week having to chase up and correct my Dr, Salford Royal hospital, a Neurologist ( no I’m not officially crazy – it’s not been confirmed yet 😉) and his secretary as no one was communicating with each other!

Anyway onto the more enjoyable stuff:

I met up with my old mates who I’ve been friends with since high-school. We are pretty down-to-earth but also very loud and silly when we get together. Consisting of Deb, Cat and Christine who could only stay for a while.


I’ve finally discovered some crisps other than ready salted/salt and vineger that I can eat which are wheat and dairy free and they taste amazing!


I’ve gone and got another pair of black boots – It’s a fact: I’m obsessed! They are over knee boots from River Island and cost £140 of my Christmas money.


I’ve been watching a lot of films lately including this one which was one of the best sci-fi ones I’ve watched in a long time and I watch a lot of them. Ok so Tom is a scientology nuter but he’s a brilliant actor and still very fit.


So that’s the round-up of my week people. Look out for a future outfit boots… I mean outfit post (haha!) including those boots. I’m going to start doing this every week. Also at the end of the month I’m going to link up my fave post of that month (incase anyone missed it) and ask you to link up yours as a comment.

Manchester Street-art Part 5

These are from my photo archives and were taken way back in 2011 when a street-art competition was taking place in the motorway underpasses between Hulme and central Manchester.

Manchester street art


Manchester street art

Manchester street art

Manchester street art

I wish I could paint that well on a piece of paper, never mind on a tiled wall with a spray can. Major respect to the artists. If any one knows who any of them are, please let me know.

Obviously it stands to sense you should try to avoid taking photo’s with a nice camera in a secluded area (like a tunnel!). If you do though, take someone with you to act as look out.

Best Natural Formula Mascara’s

I have long eyelashes that are very straight. In the past I’ve used a brand which fanned them out ridiculously without any curl, making them resemble Betty Boop lashes. Sexy on a cartoon chick from the 30’s, not so sexy on me. Nowadays I use natural mascara without any silicone or added rubbish and shape them eyelash curlers.

Cruelty free Mascara

LUSH Eyes Right, avril bio, Lavera Bio sensitive mascara

LUSH Eyes Right £12.00

LUSH Eyes Right Mascara

Eyes Right glides on so smoothly and gives my lashes great definition without any hint of clumping. I advise you to give it a minute to dry before putting on another coat and building it up to whatever volume you want. Not very sweat or water proof but perfect for sensitive eyes and skin. It moisturises my lashes so much they have really filled out since I started using this! It takes a little getting used to using the short brush but it’s not a big deal. Great everyday mascara.

Features: Vegan. For sensitive eyes.

avril Beaute Le Mascara (Bio) €7

Cruelty free Mascara

Le Mascara is a product I received in my Souk Souk beauty box. This is the coolest mascara I’ve ever used. Although I have to thicken it on to get an even coating, once it’s dry, lashes appear really volumised and glossy. It really moisturises lashes, in fact they remain so pliable I can just bend them into shape with my finger! I’m gutted that avril ship to several parts of Europe but not the UK, although it is available through Amazon.

Features: Organic

Lavera Bio Volume Mascara £10.00

Lavera Volume Mascara

I bought this Lavera Mascara  in a three-for-two deal at Holland & Barrett. This mascara is for sensitive eyes which I can attest to after absent-mindedly rubbing it into mine when I was tired. I think the word ‘volumising’ is a little bit of an over statement, however,  you could just keep layering up as many coats as you want. The brush does a fairly good job of separating lashes so they don’t get too clumpy. Get the sensitive Long Lash version from H&B here.

Features: Vegan. Gluten free. For sensitive eyes.