OOTD 70’s Soft Punk

This look is inspired by the kind of everyday soft punk look from the mid to late 70’s – before the media and Malcom McLaren labelled it punk: A knitted mesh jumper, tartan trousers, a dog collar and not forgetting DM’s of course.

Dog Collar Aflecks

Knitted Jumper Matalan

Vest Charity Shop

Tartan Jeans Primark

Dr Martens

14 thoughts on “OOTD 70’s Soft Punk

    • Well tartan jeans are so easy to wear with stuff. DM’s feel heavy when you pick them up but once they’re on and laced tightly, you don’t notice, plus the bouncy rubber sole makes them un-clunky to walk in x

    • Cheers chick! It’s my my can’t be arsed, kick-ass, comfy as hell daytime look. The jeans are bothering me though, they look a little too generic. Too tight for rips, so safety pins or a few layered key chains perhaps….

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