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I’ve visited Azuri Therapies (based in Chorlton) previously for a massage from Linda. I was getting really bad back ache due to having very weak core strength and carrying a heavy load in the chest area, plus I was pretty stressed at the time as well. Linda’s presence was lovely and soothing right from the start as she explained the different massages that would help. The soothing music and candles also created a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

Linda warmed up my muscles first with gentle massage, as this is incredibly important, then she did sports massage to stretch out my lower back muscles to release any toxins that had built up and then a relaxing massage to finish.

She then told me to drink lots of water (not too cold) to flush out any further toxins and to take it easy for the rest of the day. After my back felt rather sensitive but not sore and the next day my usual pain was gone and full movement, which I hadn’t had for years had returned!


Now you can treat yourself, a loved one or have a pamper party with friends and get relaxing massage or stress release massage lasting an hour per person for just £25 each (usual price £30). With all of the stress, socializing and partying over christmas and new year, you deserve to relax!

Contact Linda at Azuri Therapies on 079 6965 6620 quoting ‘Manchester Flick Chick’

12 responses to “Azuri Therapies Massage Discount”

  1. ohsogawjess Avatar

    Just what the doctor ordered!


  2. Avatar

    I often go to the chiropractor, but maybe a massage would do the trick!




    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      It would loosen up the muscles in your back at least :0)


  3. lisa prince Avatar

    would love a massage right now hehe x


  4. Erika Avatar

    I had a massage just once in my life. I was in Thailand. It was incredible and I swear I was two inches taller after it.


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      I know what you mean, my posture went back to when I was a kid again.


  5. Janey Avatar

    I’ve never had a massage – I think I’m just too shy and contained for it ever to feel like a good idea! But I often think it would be nice to get over my issues because I hear such good things about them!


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      You need to lie face down on a comfy table and chill out :0) In India, massage is an everyday thing done by family and friends to release stress and aid aches and pain.


  6. chistanote Avatar

    I love massage. It is the most relaxing on the earth. what you explain about massage steps seem so interesting; the warm up and getting hard!
    Enjoy urself & have fun


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