Very Berry Lip Shades

Neal's Yard Remedies Lip Gloss

You could call all of these colours  A/W shades but I think there is so much choice around at the moment you should be able to find a sultry shade thats multi-seasonal. I thought I’d compare the darker lip colours I’ve come across in the past few months ranging from opaque to sheer coverage.

The Dark Side: Lip Colours
Left to right: LUSH Liquid Lipstick – Confident, Rituals lipstick – Brown Red Chic, NYR Lipgloss – fig, The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm – Plum

LUSH Liquid Lipstick – Confident £14.50

LUSH Confident liquid lipstick


I adore the packaging as it reminds me of the ‘drink me’ jar in Alice in Wonderland.

This is highly pigmented and has an tremendous depth of colour. As the name suggests, you have to be ‘confident’ to wear this!

The best staying power of any lipstick/stain that I’ve tried. Even after a big meal the lighter tonnes of this colour still remained tattooed to my lips.

It’s vegan.


The soft padded applicator is more akin to a lipgloss, which makes perfect application really tricky. I recommend you either use a lip liner to give yourself a generous margin of error or use a lip brush instead.

You need to have incredibly smooth and moisturised lips for the colour to glide on smoothly, otherwise it will look patchy.

Note: Once applied to lips the colours are deeper than they appear in the jar.

Rituals Lipstick in Brown Red Chic £15.50

Rituals Lipstick in Brown Red


Smooth opaque even coverage.


One of the most wearable and flattering shades of deep red I’ve ever seen.

The packaging is so luxe – the case is bright red inside.


Average staying power but you do look like the classic femme fatale when re-applying it.

Pretty pricey

NYR Lip Gloss – Fig £9.50

Neal's Yard Remedies Lip Gloss


It tastes of dark chocolate and spicy orange!

Impressive depth of colour compared to most lip gloss.


Considering this stays firmly glued to your lips, it’s not that sticky.

92% organic.



The oils can separate in the tube slightly so before the first use of the day, give the tube a squish first.

The Body Shop, Born Lippy, Lip Balm – Plum £3.00

The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm


Tastes like jam!

Very moisturising

Perfect for adding a sheen and moisture to drying lipstick/lip pencils.

Fun pop art packaging


Very sheer, you have to use a lot to get any depth of colour. It’s so cheap though, it’s not that much of a problem.

Note: Contains wheat, so not great for people like me with an allergy to it!

Which is your fave?

17 responses to “Very Berry Lip Shades”

  1. Great round up – the NYR didnt impress me much x


  2. I love the Rituals Brown Red – lovely!


    1. It’s become my everyday lipstick with lipbalm, my punky one left matt and my glam one with gloss for nights out.


  3. I really love the Born Lippy from The Body Shop. They’ve been doing it for years and I’ve been using it since I was in School and I do proper love it 🙂 x


    1. I heard about it with their Emotional Brilliance campaign. I can’t believe how long it stays on!


    1. You are braver than I am girl! I’ve worn it once…at my own house party. Gonna go forth and conquer with it though tomorrow.


  4. Really great review, thanks!


  5. I love the look of the Rituals lipstick, the colour is right up my street I will keep my eyes peeled for this one!

    Keeley x


  6. Oooh- the liquid lippy looks ‘lush’…see what I did there?! Lovely colour.


    1. 😄 It’s as far goth as I go 😉


  7. I love this lush lipstick. I had no idea they did them great review x


    1. Cheers! Neither did I until I was given their free product catalogue.


  8. I’ve never tried any LUSH makeup but I really want to 😀



    1. I highly recommend the Colour Supplement foundation if you have a warm complexion and their mascara.


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