LUSH Feeling Secure Eyeliner

LUSH Feeling Secure Eye Liner

I adored the ultra violet colour of this eyeliner as soon as I saw it. I wear purple eyeliner a lot as it really opens up my eyes and makes them pop (that sounded a lot less gory in my head) but they are quite hard to find.


Highly pigmented and wonderfully bright.

Doesn’t wear easily. Stays on for over 12 hours.


It has a really thick and uneven consistency which is also too dry.

Note: This product is vegan.

LUSH Eyeliner

I’m usually pretty steady handed when applying eyeliner but as you can see here, with this product it’s impossible to draw a fine consistent line. I added a few drops of almond oil to the bottle to make it a little slicker and managed to draw the bottom line, which as you can see is quite a bit of an improvement. Hmm.


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