What’s the blogging point?

I’ve got a dilemma. A blogging crisis. I’m seriously wondering what the point of this blog is. I first started blogging to practice writing and record my photography, but I’m not as obsessed with either as I once was.

What I am obsessed with is maintaining this lifestyle blog. It keeps my brain working and it’s so interesting and fun sharing things and chatting to you lot!

The ProblemΒ 

When I’ve spent well over an hour putting together a post, factoring in photography, editing, writing, researching, adding links and promoting my posts on social media, then to only get, say, one like and no replies, it can be kinda depressing. I’m not trying to emotionally blackmail anyone here, blogging is just a real bummer sometimes.

Although blogging shouldn’t be about material rewards, I’m on a free WordPress blog so I can’t accept sponsored posts and I don’t seem to get sent anything for free to review unless I chase it. Also, good luck with trying to explain the complexities of sponsored posts, affiliate schemes and follow and no follow links to someone at the benefits office when they ask how many hours of Β work you have done that week.

I keep putting pressure on myself to blog three-four times a week Β so that I’m being consistent and relevant. I know a lot of bloggers have started posting everyday but I wouldn’t want to do that anyway.

Possible Solution

I reckon I’m going to ease of on putting up posts unless it’s something I really want to share with you. Whether that be some new street-art or an interesting bit of architecture I’ve found, an awesome product (or a pretty crap one), a great veggie place to eat or a gorgeous piece of clothing I’ve got my hands on. Basically posting because I WANT to not because I feel I HAVE to.

I guess that will be the test. If I’m only posting, say, once a week, will my blog loose followers? Will followers just forget it’s there? What if I’m not working my ass promoting each post? Will anyone notice them?

What do you think?

21 thoughts on “What’s the blogging point?

  1. I really like this blog I do think you do some lovely posts Chrissie. I understand though. I’m lucky I’m part of a group blog so I don’t feel like I have to post a lot. xx


  2. From my personal experience I’d say you need a blogging break. Nothing too extreme like 6 months, but maybe a month, 3 weeks? I tend to do it at least once a year and I am coming back with fresh attitude and LOTS of post ideas – and as we all know quality of the posts makes the whole blog. πŸ™‚ As for putting yourself out there – it’s incrisingly hard, new blogs are poping up every minute – my advice is interact, interact and interact – maybe a blogger meet? Ask someone to help you organise or take part in one? Good luck and don’t give up!



    • Thank you chuck. Having a week off has been a welcome break, I hadn’t realised I was actually getting stressed until I read this post back to myself. I do need to start having more of a giggle with it and meet other bloggers, your right x


  3. I think your blog is great and quite different to other blogs following a similar theme on here. I agree you should only blog about what motivates you but keep up the good work because it is inspirational and very interesting to read when you do post !


  4. I absolutely think you should only post when you want to and when you feel you have something to say- otherwise what’s the point?
    I think if you’re posting for the sake of it, it becomes obvious and fake.
    I hope you are able to work out what you want and I will await your next post. Good luck. πŸ™‚


  5. I’m totally with you on this, it can be disheartening but it does take effort to comment and for every comment you get, 50 other people may have read and appreciated what you’ve written. Take a step back and rediscover your blog love. For what it’s worth I love your blog! Especially the veggie stuff. So don’t go, just take a break and come back to it and carry on doing what you love xx


    • Oh I had no idea you liked the veggie stuff, which kinda proves your point. Thinking about it there’s a few blogs I’ve read recently which I simply haven’t been able to comment on because of the captcha code/full name submit to Blogger/Pick which way to comment, never ending round-about saga.


  6. It certainly does occasionally suck sometimes…I can attest to that feeling. I’ve lately come to the conclusion though that I’m really just doing this for myself anyway, so in all honesty… does it matter what anyone else thinks? Nope…I’m not a rock star, I am no one special, but as you express… I do love doing it. πŸ˜‰


  7. I would notice! I make a point of checking out blogs I follow every once in a while and when I find that the latest post is a post I read last time, I get kinda disappointed. 😦

    I have also been in a sort of crisis this beginning year and I have been wondering what to post anymore. I have poetry and stories yes but I am more than just that and my blog reflects the person I am. So after sometime I decided I am giving my blog a make over.Changing my theme and that sort of thing. Its exciting and I find that I am falling back in love with my blog. I may not post my own words for sometime but a link/ a quote gets the message across and I think that’s something.

    Forget the likes and follow backs- do you find yourself reading past posts and smiling? Cuz its all about you too πŸ™‚ Keep Blogging gurl! I’ll be checking πŸ˜€


  8. I understand where you are coming from. All bloggers, including me do, I think get days when they wonder “what is the point in blogging?” For me I want to promote my writing and write more generally about things which interest me. However if blogging becomes a chore then it is right to reassess why you are doing it. I am sometimes surprised that a post which is written in 10-20 minutes attracts many likes while posts which have taken much longer to compose (sometimes several hours) attract much fewer likes. Ultimately you have to do what is right for you but I hope you don’t disappear from the blogging world. The very best of luck and all the best, Kevin


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