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LUSH Styling Cream

LUSH Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze Hair Treatment £12.25 for 220g

LUSH Fluff-Eaze

This smells amazing and has a lovely luxurious texture. I’m advised to put it onto very damp hair and then style as normal, which for me is a bit of old fashioned ‘scrunching’ and a quick blast of cool air. I’m impressed by how much this defines my waves and the henna leaves my Auburn hair lovely and shiny. It doesn’t way down my hair and gives gentle hold without being too stiff – unlike gel. When I get caught out in the rain later I’m very glad I also used the product below though. The day after my waves still look fairly defined and my hair still feels soft.

Features: Vegan

LUSH Dirty Styling Cream £6.95 for 100g

LUSH Styling Cream

Wow, when they say this holds your style, they really mean it. It’s like cement in a tub! The scent is the same as Lush’s Gorilla Perfume in Dirty which is an exotic flowery scent. If I had a shorter hair style this would give me the ability to get really creative. I use it to smooth (stick) down my roots and fringe so they don’t fuzz up in the rain. It works amazingly well and a day later my hair is still staying put. I use an afro comb so as not to undo my style and snag my hair and then run damp hands over it to revive the products.

Features: Vegan


As you can see, I’m really pleased with the immediate results: Soft relaxed beachy waves and shiny hair that’s  controlled but not all stiff and crunchy. Please try to ignore the weird uneven colour, I’m in between dye jobs.

3 responses to “Lush Fluff-Eaze & LUSH Styling Cream”

  1. Liss Cope Avatar

    it sounds like a really lovely cream hun, I haven’t try any of the lush hair products, I should give them a go ^^ xxx


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      They would be perfect for your thick wavy hair. I’ve honestly not had my hair this smooth and shiny since I was about 10!


  2. suzie81 Avatar

    That looks really nice! I need to grow my hair a bit first but I’ll definitely give it a go!!


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