January Post Swap Party & Round UP

What I’ve Been Up To This Month

Well I’ve made it through another month without any disasters, unless you count my attempt at frying 2 eggs, which resulted in a big rubbery pile. I’ve gone out with The Bloke a few times for a mosey around town. I highly recommend a pint of Old Rosy cider (pretty strong and not cheap so just one pint for me) from The Waterhouse next to the town hall. Upon visiting our old fave The Bank on Mosley street, I treated myself to the Veggie Wellington (a gorgeous mix of melted brea and spinach in light puff pastry, alongside the creamiest mashed potato like my Ma used to make and al dente veggies), so tasty I forgot to take a picture! Me and The Bloke ended up having a spontaneous little house party one night. I met up with old friends one Saturday night in a soulless local pub but we still wet our selves laughing, until it closed, at 10.30!

Blog Related News

I’ve clocked up a lot of beauty product reviews, which I really enjoyed doing so that’s probably the reason for so many. I’m glad I discovered an old folder of street-art shots that I’d previously forgotten to post. I’ve been interviewed by the lovely Rebecca Brown for The Blogger’s Lounge website, I’ll post a link to it when it goes live.

Three blogs I’ve got into during January are Honk If You’re Vegan (The Bloke pointed out it’s tittle could be interpreted very differently in the UK than in the US, haha!) which is a fantastic vegan lifestyle blog full of helpful ideas, Bewitchery Blog a style and lifestyle blog by Naomi which features the most awesome make-up shades and cool alt style, and Head Like Soup a thoughtful, personal blog about anything that comes into Eva’s head.

Post Swap Party. I got this idea from the ace Suzie who’s blog Suzie81 I’m always reading. The idea is at the end of the month you hold a post swap party and share links to your 3 best posts – or a few for specific reasons (this is my deviation to the idea) – from over the month and invite everyone to leave a link to their chosen post in the comments section. Great idea!

Here’s mine:

LUSH Curly Wurly Cocounut Shampoo and LUSH Retread Conditioner This combo has transformed the actual texture of my coarse wild hair, so I had to share!

Suddenly Geek Is Chic I loved writing this post about the irony of how things that would have been considered seriously dorky a few years ago have suddenly become main stream, trendy even. Hipsters. There, I couldn’t really avoid saying the H word now could I? I’m a proud geek and can identify with everything in here, almost – socks with sandals anyone? No, thought not – but also because I really enjoy making random list, like I said, geeky!

Comment with a link to just one of your posts (otherwise the spam filter will gobble them up), something you’re proud of or one that you just HAVE to share with everyone (nothing heavily PR based please). Have fun reading and commenting on each others posts and invite a plus one! I’ll be over by the chocolate fountain… With a ladle.

15 thoughts on “January Post Swap Party & Round UP

  1. Thanks for mentioning me in this post! I’m really happy that you like my blog as I always enjoy reading yours 🙂 Great idea for a post, by the way.

    Naomi x


    • No problem chuck. I’ve done that thing on the bus where I’m so deep in thought, imagining a conversation I’m going to have with someone later that I’ve started doing the actual expressions! I’ve had some interesting looks from people 😳


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