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Recently Harvey Nichol’s Fashion Director, Paula Reed, left her job after the bad press they received for selling real fur. But despite this they are still selling real fur. By speaking out now, we can make sure that Harvey Nichols reinstates its no-fur policy.

Please sign the petition

The fur industry is horrendous. Animals are crammed into tiny cages row by row until their throats are slit, often in view of the other animals. In some places animals are killed in whatever way is most ‘convenient’, if indeed at all, before they are skinned.

Even on so-called “high-welfare” fur farms in countries such as Sweden and Norway animals are treated like fur machines, nothing more.

A/W saw the high-street inundated with a choice of beautiful quality faux-fur. Fashion is no longer a (pathetic) excuse.

There is never an excuse for wearing real fur!

We can keep the UK fur free if we all sign and share petitions like this.

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