Sunday Chillin’ Time

It’s Sunday so I’m having some me time. This envolves having a pampering session, discovering new tunes, reading over some blog ideas and adding new one’s, and doing a bit emotional self-improvement.

This is a set by Parisian DJ/Producer Onra. It’s a mixture of early 90’s R&B, disco and hip-hop which he blends together to make the kind of beats you can chill to or dance to, depending what mood your in.

For Xmas my Mum got me a fantastic limited edition M & S Global Escape gift box (the box it’s self is so beautiful I’m going to re-use it) containing (not so) mini Moroccan Escape & Eastern Escape goodies, which are still available in large sizes. They smell amazingly exotic, work a treat and being M&S own products they have the leaping bunny logo to show they are BUAV approved.

M&S Global Escape Moroccan  Eastern

Mason's Dog Oil

The tittle product is a bit miss-leading, It’s actually not for giving dogs massages!. It’s originally a balm created for people (hairy ones apparently) but I use it to moisturise my nails, hands and feet in the winter. I’ve also discovered there is simply no better product to protect my hair from dreaded humidity and rain than this. I also use it to massage into my roots before shampooing. I used to buy hair oil from afro-carribean beauty shops until I realised most contained animal oil (eeew!) but this is totally cruelty free.


This is where I keep all of my recipes that The Bloke teaches me or that I find online and where all of my blog ideas go. Cool recycled car tyre covers, huh? My funky punky pen is from a £1 shop in Chorlton.

Men are from mars, women are from venus

Every month or so I read which ever section of this classic book applies most to me at the time. Compiled by a husband and then run past his wife for her (invaluable) input, it’s essentially the self-help bible for relationships! Yes, it does seem like men and women are from different planets but once we recognise our differences and similarities then we can begin to understand and communicate properly.

I can’t believe how cold it is outside, brrr. Glad I’m snuggled up under my blanket – with sleeves. Don’t judge ’till you’ve tried.

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