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Finding ‘your people’

I can so identify with this!



Just a quick one, but still important.

There’s nothing that destroys your soul quicker than hanging out with the wrong people; people who you can’t be yourself around, people you don’t respect, people who bore you or intimidate you. When you find like-minded souls, don’t run from them because its easier to stick with the people you already hang out with. Grab onto them; they are your life raft in a sea of bullshit.

Now click here. (I don’t agree that you should only be friends with people if they push you closer to your goals cuz that’s just using them, and doesn’t take into account whether the other person needs you. Too much of that about these days.But this article has some good points).

Now go and embrace all those people who make you happy that you’ve neglected because you’re stuck in a friendship group they’re not in! Fuck that cliquey shit.

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3 responses to “Finding ‘your people’”

  1. Sherri Of Palm Springs Avatar

    How Cool, the old car in that picture and its amazing we have lived in both centuries and have seen so many amazing things happen, including the internet would be writing this if it weren’t for the internet..and so many other wonderful was a great century..nice work on your blog..I went thru alot of it..
    Thank you for your likes on my nice of you!!!


  2. franbeaton Avatar

    Warmed my heart on a very bleak Thursday. Thanks x


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Please let Live By The Pen, who wrote this post know that x


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