The Closet Confidential tag

This is a tag all about different vloggers and bloggers delving into their personal style history. I picked up the tag (in blogging form) from Amy Mander at A life In Beauty The Write Up. I don’t do vlogs because (even though I can chat for hours – even to myself) my voice makes me sound like a young boy, with a cold, with a mid-atlantic accent. So…

What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?


My boyfriend recently gave me his old belt he’d had for about 20 years. I love how battered it is with the worn leather and holes that have been punched using a corkscrew, or what ever was at hand over the years.

What is your biggest bargain?


This bag, inspired by Ed Hardy who was obviously very inspired by Sailor Jerry (a tattooist before he started making rum) was around £6 from Chorlton market. This slogan is much more romantic than than ‘Love Kills Slowly’ one that Ed Hardy favours. I like sailor tatts and street-art so The Bloke tipped me off immediately when he saw it in the window.  It’s so durable and roomy, with little pockets inside. I cart all my heavy stuff around in it.

What is the most expensive item?

Long black leather coat

I bought this with my first wages age 20 to replace my old PVC one from C&A. I’d given up trying to find one cut with a women’s shape in mind and was on the way home, when I noticed a tiny leather shop on Deansgate. I asked the shop keeper if he had any long leather coats and he positively beamed! Turns out he’d had this in for a long while but every one who’d tried it on were either too short or too wide for it. It fitted me like it was made for me, it’s perfect! I tend to wear it with heels and simple jewellery.

What is the cheapest/most affordable item? (that you wear/use a lot!)


I dore this little Topshop cardi! I’ve worn it so much it’s starting to get a few little holes in it because it’s really thin. It’s perfect for wearing over sleeveless tops and dresses when it’s a little cold or draped over the shoulders and fastened with one button.

What is your newest purchase?


You can ask me this question every 6 months and the answer will most likely be chunky boots, black one’s. I would like to thank my loved one’s for supporting my long-term boot addiction. These over knee boots were from River Island are really easy to walk and are roomy around the legs but they are tight around my not-so-dainty ankles.

Bonus item you want to share:


This is a kurti: A long Indian shirt for women (the man’s version is called a kurta) which has come back into fashion in the UK with young people, who are wearing it with leggings or skinny jeans and heels or ballet flats.. I bought this from a stall at the Manchester Mega Mela for under £10. The colour (which I just wouldn’t photograph true) is a deep aqua blue – almost green. Two reasons why I’ve never worn it: Unfortunately it’s made from heavily lined nylon which is really, really warm, yet the sleeves are only 3/4 length and sheer. I’m so mard when my arms are cold! I know the traditional one’s are much lighter. Secondly, I’m not sure what the local Asian people in my area would make of me wearing this. I think I’d get some confused or amused looks from people wondering why the chick with the alternate style has taken to wearing a traditional Indian garment! Maybe for nights out and holidays, which just brings me back to “it’s too warm!” It currently decorates my wardrobe door beautifully.

This Closet Confidential tag idea originally came from Fluer De Force’s Youtube vlog. Feel free to join in!

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