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February Post Swap

So this month has been a pretty slow month with insane weather interspersed with lovely sunny days and blue sky. Glad to say my health is back on track and I’m feeling much more upbeat. Me and The Bloke had a fab alternate valentine’s night at our fave restaurant Greens in Didsbury. I’ve discovered the Worldfoods supermarket in Rusholme where they sell all of popular asian meals like aloo palak, palak paneer and various daal in affordable tins – bonus!

The Bank Vegetarian WellingtonWe recently went to one of our favourite pubs The Bank (on Mosley St) for lunch, which we don’t have the funds chance to do very often. I had the veggie wellington, consisting of mushroom, spinach, brie and cranberries.

I’ve finally got around to using this Body Shop soap from their Honey Mania range (made using fair trade honey) and it smells gorgeous and doesn’t dry out my skin like most other soaps do.

The Body Shop Soap


Really pleased I managed to renew my 3 magazine subs – complete with free gifts – for a really good price using various offers I’ve waited patiently for.



Here are my top posts of this month:

Old Skool Street Style I’ve become rather addicted to Polyvore’s collage maker.

Why Bad Weather Can Be Good This shows a definite change in my attitude toward the darker months of the year. after all there’s no point having a miserable attitude for half of the year!

Alternative Valentine’s Rules This is me being both cynical and excited about that time of year again, then deciding to share my own ‘rules’.

Please feel free to share one of your own favourite posts of the month with everyone as a comment.



5 responses to “February Post Swap”

  1. micheatsandshops Avatar

    Pretty Body Shop soap! I am actually looking for a new soap now coz I’m running out of my usual and that one can only be bought in the Philippines. Thing is though, I am very partial to the scent of Vanilla so looking for a new soap might be a challenge here in China as most of the stuff in the supermarket are quite standard. Any suggestions? 🙂


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Not sure what stores are in China but I reckon the Body Shop should do a vanilla one or the shea butter one smells similar.


      1. micheatsandshops Avatar

        No Body Shop in the city where I live at the moment 😦 Might have to go to Hong Kong! 🙂 Thanks!


      2. manchesterflickchick Avatar

        I bet you will find vanilla soap in big department stores that sell worldwide brands.


  2. Kajsa Josephine Avatar

    Cool that you were able to eat at at place that you like, that must be a great feeling 🙂


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