Kitchen Picnic

kitchen picnic

Every now and then me and The Bloke have a spontaneous evening where we raid the fridge and the kitchen cupboards for nibbles that are either pre-cooked or fresh. We eat standing up, no plates and minimal cutlery. It’s a fun way to eat when we need a break during a box-set marathon of which ever TV show we are obsessed with.

We munched on avocado, delicious spiced chutney our awesome friend Sarah made for use, smoked cheddar, blue cheese, crackers, green olives, falafel, humus, stuffed vine leaves and broccoli quiche.

I was inspired by Skint Dad and his regular ‘fake-aways’ to name our new habit a ‘kitchen picnic’ and do one weekly. It makes food shopping interesting again and is much cheaper than buying those single cartons from the refrigerated deli section. Plus it uses up all of the fresh stuff that’s been hiding in the back of the fridge that would otherwise be chucked away. It’s also a great chance to experiment with a combinations of flavours: Mango and mint anyone?

What combination of foods would you include?

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