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When thinking of roll on deodorant the 80’s brand ‘Mum’ and also my actual Mum always came to mind, until I decided I didn’t want to use aerosol antiperspirants that clog up skin any longer. In the past I’ve tried a solid mineral deodorant that you wet before application but I found it to be totally bobbins (i.e. ridiculously useless), so here goes…

The Body Shop Aloe Anti-persperant Deodorant £4 (50ml)

The Body Shop Aloe Antiperspirant - Deodorant


Fresh and natural scent

Cooling and refreshing

Small and portable


I remember when environmentally friendly refill bottles used to be available to pop inside the roller ball container but they have discontinued them.

Although I’m more bothered about being kept fresh and clean there are times, like when I’m dancing and exercising that I need a tough anti-persperant. This can’t be relied on for that so I think it should just be called a deodorant.

Rating: 4/5

LUSH Aromaco £4.70 (100g)

KUSH Aromaco solid deodorant

This bar fits into my palm and also a square metal LUSH tin if you want to buy one. I use a chunky glass coaster instead. It’s active ingredient is witch hazel to tighten pores rather than block them and for it’s anti-bacterial properties. Aromaco is vegan.


I’ve used this on a long walk on a warm day and although I did sweat (as you need to in order to cool down), the aromaco protected my clothes really well a left me smelling fresh.

No packaging = No waste.

I get the feeling this bar will last a very long time!


The bar is scented with patchouli, which I assumed I would love as it evokes heady hippy days in Marrakech in my imagination. Not so much. It actually smells more like a man’s sporty deodorant, as does my whole bathroom now!

It’s quite dry and hard to spread on skin. I recommend wetting it with cold water before application.

Rating 3/5

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