Gwdihw, Nail Wizard Hand Barm

As soon as I opened my March Souk Souk beauty box and saw this adorable tin I was excited to try this Nail Wizard Hand Balm by Welsh brand Gwdihw. I’d also never tried a beauty brand from Wales before.

Gwdihw Natural Balms, Nail Wizard Hand BalmThe first thing that hit me upon opening the tin was the scent, exactly like lemon sherbet!  The second thing was the consistency of the balm which looked handmade. I love that it only contains these natural ingredients: Coconut & olive oils, beeswax, cocoa butter, calendula and lemon essential oil. The solid balm softens easily and cleanses and moisturises. It’s more oily than greasy and sinks in well. After just one applications this really nourished my dry fingers and nails so at £4.49 for 25g, I think this is perfectly priced.

Rating 5/5

4 responses to “Gwdihw, Nail Wizard Hand Barm”

  1. This looks such a cute little tin. I really need to start moisturising!


    1. I’ve been moaning about my dry nails for ages and only sporadically making a half arsed attempt at a routine. Now this tin is on the coffee table and I do it in the evening when watching telly.


  2. The cute container would be enough for me to purchase the hand balm. Such a charming little bird.


    1. :0D I had a look on the their site and every product has different cute little animal characters.


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