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There’s Socially Awkward & Then There’s Totally Inept!

Ok I have to get this of my chest, or more, off my mind as it’s been annoying me. I went to this thing with quite a few people and it was great – I was doing great. I hadn’t been tactless, missed the point of any conversations or waffled on non-stop as a result of nerves. I’d had a laugh and actually got along with people easily.

We mentioned to each other what we were doing after, wether it was going home, out with friends etc. After few minutes I asked the same thing to one of the er, organisers. Simply to be polite as I was about to pack up my stuff. Well, from the look on her face I new straight away she’d assumed I was bluntly chatting her up! Er, no. So I panicked and went into full on blather mode and asked “Are you two together?” What I meant to say was “Have you two TRAVELLED together?” The woman answered awkwardly. I saw the two other people give an amused OMG look to each other and start laughing. I quickly but in a very dead-pan way said “I meant travelled together – from London, as your obviously not from Manchester. I know most people that do your job come up from London.” “Oh right!” was the reply. So yeah, the whole time I managed not to miss-understand anyone’s point of view, then right at the end my stupid wonky brain made it so someone miss-understood me, in the most embarrassing way! Mortified doesn’t cover it.


I swear, some days I shouldn’t be allowed out in public for my own good. *shakes head*

Anyone had any similar sh!t happen to them?

4 responses to “There’s Socially Awkward & Then There’s Totally Inept!”

  1. Kajsa Avatar

    Not lately, but when I was about to contemplate on a sushi purchase in a grocery store, a woman began talking with me and told me yes this is what I am eating tonight. Not often that happens. Was nice.


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      That doesn’t sound remotely awkward. Am I missing something here chick?


  2. Sandra Avatar

    I’ve lost count of all my blunders. Go easy on yourself chum.


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