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March has been a weird mixture of a month for me, part staying in, part socialising, part serious, part silly.

I’ve been feeling much more upbeat and optimistic this month for some reason. I think it’s to do with seeing all of the bluebells and daffodils springing up everywhere and the Collard Dove couple who we feed on the window ledge have had a new ‘Egg’ which we are really chuffed about. It keeps scrabbling at the glass and trying to join us in the living room, aaaw!


For Mothers Day I helped my Mum get into cruelty-free skin care by introducing her to The Body Shops aloe range, which she was really pleased about after feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect. I learned via Facebook (of all bloody places) that one of my mates is unexpectedly pregnant – unexpected for me at least!

I went to cancel my Graze box subscription (after running out of special offers etc.) and they offered me a box half-price and the inclusion of just my favourite snacks. Oh go on then, just one more. I got offered 20% off the March Souk Souk beauty box, so me and my Ma decided to go halves on it. Product reviews to follow…

Souk Souk March Beaty Box products

I attended a friend’s daughter’s 21st birthday party. Nothing like someone’s 21st to make you feel ancient! It was a great house-party though which included all ages but I felt awkward dancing with the tweens and teens (what is the appropriate way to dance with 12-15 year old’s when Missy Elliott is on? Not the way I would normally would dance to it in a club, that’s for sure.) but also a little bored at the beginning chatting with the adults about house prices and good schools ect. At around 1.00am after the people who’d had too much ‘fun’ had been put to bed or been taken home in taxi’s, us hardcore oldies all started dancing to Abba. Turns out that is my idea of a good time!

I’ve been after a rubber iPod case for a while, to stop my iPod constantly slipping out of my grasp when I loose concentration. Ok when I’m sitting on the couch but disastrous when I’m out and about. Luckily, I found this adorable little dude on a Market Street stall for a fiver.


His little wings hold onto my hand!


Like an idiot I lost my debit card, cancelled it and then found it again a day later, doh! This month I’ve received duplicate appointment letters, had some appointments cancelled and re-arranged and been given an extra random appointment by my specialist’s dizzy secretary. Rather bizarrely I received a letter dated over a year ago from one of those bobbins job centre/work program companies, who’s incompetence’s you often read about in the news.

Hopefully (if my application is accepted) I’ll start volunteering at Barnado’s charity shop in town soon, which will remind me what it’s like to be a responsible adult again.

Here are my fave posts on the blog this month incase you missed any:

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As always, leave a link to one of your own favourite March posts in the comments if you like.


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  2. Kajsa Avatar

    Hope that you are going to have a blissful April!


  3. Sherri Of Palm Springs Avatar

    Hi Manchester, cute picture, how are you doing..have a great week my friend.


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Aw, Sheri they are so adorable! I’m chilling out with my bloke doing some online reading. Have a happy weekend xx


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