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You have combination skin with oily patches then you should slap a load more oil onto your face – yeah right! Well, yes actually. Used properly the right facial cleansing oil (this one being a blend of natural oils and vitamin E) can be incredibly effective. I used one previously with a consistency that was to thick and heavy for my skin but this one is so light, it’s wonderful.

Peppy Galore, Diva Cleansing Oil for Sensitive Skin

In the evening I massage two squirts of this into my palms and press them against my face. Then I dip a cotton pad into warm water and wipe away the days make-up. Then I rinse with warm water and then cold to close my pores. My complexion remains moisturised and balanced through till the next day. No dry/oily ups and downs or having to deal with the scary results of this in the morning.

£14.95 for 95kg is the higher end of what I like to pay for beauty products but I can tell this will last me quite a while and the transformative effect this has had on the behaviour of my skin has totally surprised me!

Rating 5/5



5 responses to “Peppy Galore – Diva Facial Cleansing Oil”

  1. The Vanilla Housewife Avatar

    I stay away from oils thinking it will make my face oilier! I look like an oil factory every morningn. 😦


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      This is because over night your skin is getting stripped of moisture so that your sebum (oil) glads kind of panic and start producing oil. It can be a result of using toners and cleansers containing too much alcohol or diet or hormones. I’d add a few drops of aloe vera to your cleanser which is calming and moisturising or tea tree to your moisturiser which absorbs oil. A dab of rose oil mixed in with moisturiser can reduce redness and inflammation. It’s all about balance. Hope that helps! :0)


      1. The Vanilla Housewife Avatar

        The thing is I hardly use any product at all, just a facial foam that’s it. 😦 But I will try your suggestions. Thanks!


  2. Kajsa Avatar

    Oils are great skincare products. Have less breakouts when I am consistent applying oils.


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      I’ve started to notice the same after just 4 days of using this in the evening, it’s wonderful 😁


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