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I was always the quirky one, the one who swore never to conform to social norms. Then I realised over the course of my life the idea of a wedding was starting to creep into my thoughts subconsciously. Now, by that I mean ‘the wedding’ part not ‘the marriage’ part. I love The Bloke and he loves me. Nice and simple.

So, when I read Keeley’s Marry My Blog tag on her blog Phat Cupcake, I thought hyperthetically marrying my blog sounded brill, then I noticed she’d tagged me into it and squeeled! The idea was inspired by Carrie on Sex and the City marrying herself – to get her stollen shoes back… Anyway…

The Ring


I’ve always had an affinity with Celtic symbolism but didn’t want anything too chunky. I find diamonds to be beautifully sparkly but rather cold, so this 14kt white gold Celtic knot ring is perfect. I actually adore it! Hang on Chrissie, this is all just hypothetical -_-

The Dress


Come on, this is me, it was never going to be traditional. As I also have slim hips like the model, I’d prefer the rouching to be really high up. I do think the combination of the relaxed structured corset, the colour and the fabric is stunning!

The Accesory 


When Carrie had her wedding for real she decided she would love nothing more than to be accompanied by a bird – a dead one – on her head. So here is my rather macabre but much sexier accessory.

The Shoes Boots


The Bloke and I have always had this intuative understanding that if we were to get married  I would obviously be wearing some bad-ass boots. So the same goes for Mr blog. My blog as a male? That’s weird. What would I be called then, Mrs Blog? Ha! I can just imagine me dancing on a saloon bar holding my skirt up while wearing these boots.

The Cake


I typed ‘dragon cake’ into Pinterest (oh crap! I should have made a board of all this) and a lot of beautifully painted Chinese cakes appeared. Total works of art. The Bloke would have gone crazy over them but with everything else being a little unusual, I chose this simple but beautiful cake (by Hillary Rose Cupcakes, with crowning rose omitted). But wait for it…

Dragon Cake Toppers!!!


The Venue


A castle of course! Part gothic fantasy – part fairytale, this is castle Coch in Cardiff, Wales. My blog (who’d be present via laptop) and my loved one’s could have a pagan/hippy wedding reception in the woods below.

The Honeymoon


It’s got to be Hawaii. Top picture is rainbow falls and bottom picture is haiku steps ‘stairway to heaven’, this picture doesn’t really give you a clue as to how steep/high they actually are. Still the easiest way to climb a small mountain! Oh, I can just imaging myself and my blog chilling on the beach, hiking, cycling and exploring the wildlife. Although in the evening I’d have to sneak off & cheat on it with The Bloke.

I tag:

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Philippine Artisan

KJ Andersen

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Doesn’t matter if you are already married or (as you can tell from mine) what you can realisticly afford. You’re marrying your blog so go wild girls!


9 responses to “Marry My Blog tag”

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    […] a blog tag I joined last year called ‘Marry My Blog’ where bloggers chose their fantasy weddings (if they married their blog – like one does) […]


  2. CrazyGuyinThailand Avatar



  3. philippineartisan Avatar

    I love the boots! awesome!


  4. alisasibrova Avatar

    Love the dress, so unique!


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      I was looking through Pinterest for about an hour at steampunk, victorian, celtic and medieval styles before finding it.


  5. Sandra Avatar

    I love this! That dress is gorgeous and of course those boots! Thanks for passing the baton. xoxo


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