I Bruised My Peach!

I’m in pain but the reason for that is too slapstick not to share. Me and The Bloke were drunkenly tottering home through our local park at around 2.00am on Saturday (the park is probably the safest place to be at that time of night in that area) and we were having a giggle and I, being the least drunk was leading slightly. Then he veered onto an edging, wobbled frantically, tripped over his own feet, then landed on me like felled tree!

I (we) landed on my arse which ironically, didn’t provide the ample padding it normally would because I’ve been working really hard getting it toned for summer. If a greater power does exist, it has a snide sense of humour!

A fairly accurate example of my colourfully bruised arse today.

Today I’m stiffer than Pinocchio before he became a real boy. We were meant to be going out for a meal for The Bloke’s Dad’s birthday but they were total sweethearts and re-arranged it because of my “sore back”. I’m glad I’m going to be better for Sunday as it’s the Blog On conference at MOSI and I’m damn well not going to cancel because “my boyfriend used me as a crash matt & broke my arse.”

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