20 (only slightly silly) Ways To Tell If You Are A Grown Up

I was inspired to write this after watching a recent episode of New Girl with the theme of acting like a grown up and what that actually means. So is the proof you are an adult in the things you have i.e. a mortgage, a car, a pension, is it in the way you act i.e. admitting you are all having a crappy night out and just want to go home and watch your favourite box set together?

John Lennon

My 30th birthday do was meant to be a big night out in town but people cancelled as they were skint or self conscious of going to bars on a Friday night or they were working an early shift in the morning. It ended up being just the five of us at home with Spotify as the DJ and a few bowls of nibbles.

I was gutted as I was desperate to give my 20’s a wild send of. I wasn’t ready to have modest gatherings where people bring quality wine. I wanted to down a bottle of Lambrini then go and dance on table in town. The sad thing is, if I’d have relaxed instead of trying to prove something to my self, I’m sure I would have had a lot more fun!


20 Ways To Tell You Are A Grown-up

1. Having your own space, wether you are renting/owning, have a room in a house share or a favourite quiet spot at your partners place.

2. Having enough common sense to be a good driver, regardless of wether you own a car.

3. You clear out the fridge before it turns into it’s own mini eco system.

4. You go food shopping with the idea of making meals rather than filling your trolly with random things that look yummy.

5. Having some idea of your incoming and outgoings and you actually file your statements/receipts (shoving them in the same draw doesn’t count). Wether you choose to spend most of your incomings on shoes is up to you.

6. Being responsible for a house plant without accidentally killing it.

7. Being responsible for a pet without accidentally, er…

8. Having nail varnish remover and cotton pads in at the same time so you don’t turn up with chipped nails.

9. Considering others feelings and plans and accepting that everything doesn’t revolve around you.

10. Being aware of what is going on in the world politically. Sporadically checking the Guardian news app totally counts.

11. Getting on top of the cleaning, washing and ironing (if you can be bothered to flatten your clothes) without anyone helping you.

12. Having a sense of community and helping out local people or joining in with a project or a campaign.

13. When people older than you ask you for advice or your perspective on a situation. You are now wise!

14. If there was a flood or the lights went off in your home, you would know what to do, other than ringing your parents/partner.

15. Counting backwards eight hours from when you have to get up, so you know when you’re meant to go to bed. If only your brain would play along.

16. You carry a Marry Poppins bag containing everything you could possible need in any situation. 

17. Neighbourhood kids ask you to buy alcohol for them. You refuse.

18. Having ‘best’ crockery, towels, sheets and glasses for when you have company.

19. Religiously taking your make up of before bed (face wipes count, they do).

20. Being mature enough to know your own mind and being responsible for your own decisions.

I just about manage all of these things but concerning how I feel in my heart? I hope I stay young forever! Now where did I put my sparkly Unicorn socks?



20 responses to “20 (only slightly silly) Ways To Tell If You Are A Grown Up”

  1. This list is way better than the one you linked to. I do seem to miss out a few still, but I do still have about 18 months before I’m 30 :p


    1. Thanks! I thought the other list counted certain lifestyle choices as achievements which I found a bit insulting! I hope it inspires you then! I’m still rubbish at DIY and house work :0)


      1. Ironing and keeping plants alive are my “still to achieve” ones 😀


        1. The Bloke wont let me near his plants. Their all need different things and are too high maintenance!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Weird. Some of these things I’ve managed since I was a teen, but some – I doubt if I ever will. LOL. So maybe half grown up?


    1. That’s interesting. I didn’t manage much as a teen lol Maybe you don’t ever need to though ;0)


  3. Oh God! I’m Peter Pan through and through. Oh well, come on Wendy, let’s go and play out!!!


  4. I turn 24 next weekend and with the responsibility of a class of 30 children looming for the first time I’m starting to feel the pressure to be A LOT more mature. The great thing about hanging out with 5 year olds every day though is that I still get to be a big kid too! 🙂

    Rach x


    1. Perfect and very fun excuse!


  5. Lovely post. I’m 37 and still wondering what I’m going to do when I grow up 🙂


    1. From a girl who is currently playing Duke Nukem, this is a reasuring response to read hon ;0) People who act like they know it all and are in control constantly are missing out on having fun!


      1. Totally, I hope I never grow up 🙂


    2. Did you go to the Mcr bloggers meet?


      1. No, it clashed with the International Cheese Awards 😉


  6. Great post, I certainly never want to grow up ! I think we all pretend to be but there’s always a big kid underneath 🙂


    1. Thanks! I completely agree! There’s an ecard that says ‘I just act like a grown up in work.’ ;0)


  7. some of these I am ticking others at 43 I can’t!


    1. Ooh, which ones, do tell! The keeping track of money and filing receipts is my ‘room for improvement’ one. Make-up removal also: Very hit & miss!


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