The Strange Truth About Being In Your 30’s

It was my 33rd birthday a few days ago and I realised I’m not exactly young anymore but hardly middle aged yet either. So, I thought I’d weigh up what being in your 30’s is actually like.

Good You are old enough to have a greater perspective on life and a wider appreciation of other peoples struggles.

Bad You feel strangely compelled to have a mutual winge about your troubles to old ladies at bus stops.

Good You have developed a strong sense of your individual style that you are comfortable with.

Bad Your trusty style is now so old it’s considered retro-cool. Clueless thirteen year olds wearing it, give you pitiful looks wondering why an oldie is trying to be fashionable.

Good You can enjoy your own company and have also learnt how to communicate better with a partner when in a relationship.

Bad When in a relationship people always ask “When are you moving in together?” “Buying a place together?” “Getting married?” “Having kids?” When single being told “Don’t worry he/she’s still out there for you.” “I just don’t know why you haven’t found anyone yet?” “We have this great friend who I know you’d like – he’s alone as well.”

Good You’re young enough to still get away with wearing a short dress and heels on nights out.

Bad On the dance floor you realise you can’t shake it like you mean it anymore and instead look like a chicken attempting to fly.

Good You have gained a much wider music knowledge and you recognise which original song inspired the new tune your listening to.

Bad You reckon 80% of those remixes or covers are crap.

Good Old enough to have learned important lessons through experience.

Bad Old enough to also realise your elders advice was right this whole time.

Good You can gracefully accept everyone is entitled to their own opinion even if it’s obviously utterly moronic.

Bad You have come to realise that most of the people in power are greedy sociopaths and that news papers have political agendas. You remember back to being young and naive when you didn’t have to worry about such things.

Good You can and will have a little nap, instantly and anywhere. This is acceptable if you say “I’m just resting my eyes.”

Bad You feel the urge to pee just as you’ve got settled into bed.

Good Those certain weird foods that you’ve avoided for so long actually taste great.

Bad You feel under pressure to be able to cook those foods and hold (shudder) dinner parties.

Good You don’t have to be out every Fri/Sat night to ‘have a life’ as house parties or staying in with a good box set and lots of food is mostly preferable.

Bad You get a fat arse. (I count this as a good thing actually)

Good You wonder how your alcohol tolerance was ever that high and are glad you are old enough to know your limits.

Bad Hangovers are swiftly becoming epic ordeals you are proud to survive.

Good You are most likely to be a lot happier in yourself and be stricter about what you will or will not tolerate as you recognise your true worth. There is nothing bad about this!



In your 30’s? Which one’s can you relate to and what things have you discovered?

16 thoughts on “The Strange Truth About Being In Your 30’s

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    • You know it was meant to be a bit tongue in cheek kind of funny and with the positive paragraph at the end and the graphic but everyone is like “Ergh, I know!” Haha! It’s great honest, just a bit inbetweeny :0)


  2. Happy birthday ! You wait till you are twice that. I have just turned 60 and still feel the same as I did at 30 in my head but …… the mirror and my body say different


  3. I’m 32 in two weeks and not that happy about it. I have this huge feeling of “I don’t own anything, and have nothing to show for my 32 years!” – it’s all consuming right now!


    • A few days before my 30th I freaked out for exactly the same reason! Then I came to realise that you can’t always measure progress with possessions and achievements, sometimes feeling confident, happy and still being a good person are the most important things.


  4. 🙂 Funny you should write this, I just yesterday spoke to a customer who was lamenting about being in her 30’s. I told her about my Mom laying around in the pool all day when she turned 30. I on the other hand have honestly never had a care really about my age…heck, often I have to think about it. Am I 47 or 46? I told her that I don’t mind getting older, as the older I get, the more seriously people take me. As a petite woman, many just think I’m some wee twit…OH, are they mistaken 🙂


    • Haha! I did keep forgetting what age I was once I turned 30 as I was so comfy with it but now I’m definitely starting to be aware of it more, so I thought I’d have a life about it :0D People do tend to take you more seriously don’t they.


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